Jocelyn is the bully of Ridgeway High School in the episode iMake Sam Girlier. She was also the main antagonist in the same episode. She usually picks on everyone, especially people smaller than her. Jocelyn was also shown shouting at what appeared to be an administrator or staff member, telling him that he irritated her, and
Sam vs Jocelyn

Sam calling Jocelyn out.

even he ran away in fear. She was first introduced when she was standing in the hallway holding a young boy upside down by his feet and yelling at him to say "God bless you" the next time she sneezed. After a run-in with the iCarly group at The Groovy Smoothie, she began to bully Sam, and shoved Carly to the floor. Carly told Sam to "rip her head off", and Sam took her down, forcing her to tap out even though she was one of the worst bullies in school. She is never seen or heard of again. It is presumed she graduated, dropped out or got expelled and/or arrested, as she was mentioned to be a senior in the same episode. She is also the tallest girl in the whole series.

Carly attempts to reason with Jocelyn.

She is portrayed by Cynthia Dallas.

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