Jodi realizes that she truly loves and adores Gordon while Carly is singing.

Jodi Birch (née Flooger) is a character that appeared in iDo. At first, she wanted to marry Gordon Birch, but once she saw Spencer, she fell in love with him. She thought that Spencer was really funny. Also, her mother was mentioned on video chat, and her mother seemed to want Jodi to get married. Jodi also seemed to like Spencer's pecs.

She is portrayed by Rakefet Abergel.
It asw

Carly, Freddie, and Sam tell Jodi the cons revolving around Spencer.


Jodi: "Mom, I'm getting married!"
Mom: (Off Screen): "It's about time!"

Jodi: "I... I can't. I think I am in love with someone else.
Crowd: *Gasps*
Priest: Whoa...!
Gordon: Who?
Jodi: (flirty look) Spencer!

Jodi: "Oh my gosh, iCarly's at my wedding!"


Jodi dancing disturbingly to Gordon's song.

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