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The Jonas Book of World Record

The Jonas Book of World Records is a fictional world record book; a parody or spoof of the Guinness Book of World Records. It made its first and only appearance in the episode, iWant a World Record.

It contains a variety of records, but only three categories are mentioned (the World's Fattest Priest, the World's Longest Continuous Webcast, and the World's Longest Amount of Time for not blinking).


Father McGurthy, the world's fattest priest, according to the Jonas Book of World Records.

Sam brought this book in school, which Carly and Freddie got her attention and all three of them read it. Freddie was interested in the Tech Section of it, Sam was interested in the World's Fattest Priest (Father McGurthy), and Carly was interested in breaking the World's Longest Continuous Webcast (24 hours, 8 minutes). She eventually convinced both Sam and Freddie that they should try to break that record on iCarly, although they failed, so as far as we know, the previous record of 24 hours and 8 minutes still stands.
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