Krustacia is the attractive blonde Uzbek woman Spencer dated in iSell Penny-Tees. Because she could not speak English,

Kristacia and Spencer have issues communicating with each other.

Spencer was unable to communicate with her verbally; only by actions. Spencer had ordered an Uzbek
movie to watch with Kristacia, knowing he wouldn't understand it. Gibby hooked Spencer up with his bus driver, Fugtor, who also speaks perfect Uzbek, to help him communicate with her. However, Spencer finds out too late that he doesn't speak English either (Gibby didn't contact Fugtor's brother who speaks Uzbek and English, much to Spencer's dismay). Fugtor and Kristacia hit it off immediately and they left without Spencer.

Behind the Scenes

Krustacia is portrayed by Russian model Irina Voronina. The language she speaks throughout the episode is actually Russian, not Uzbek, though the characters don't know the difference. Many people of Uzbekistan speak both languages, due to formerly being part of the Soviet Union, and to help communicate with neighboring countries that also speak Russian.

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