Leslie Grant
Leslie Grant is Ginger Fox's manager that appears in iFix a Pop Star. He seems to dislike the iCarly crew. He had said, "If she fails, she blames you iCarly people, not me," because he didn't want to become the scapegoat.

If Ginger Fox's come back failed, iCarly would be made the scapegoat by the singer's manager.

Leslie probably doesn't like Ginger Fox much, due to the fact she pushes him around and throws forks at him.


Ginger Fox:

Leslie is Ginger's Manager. He has been her manager for a while, although it is unclear exactly how long.

iCarly Trio:

Leslie seems to hate the iCarly trio, due to the fact he puts iCarly in charge to make Ginger Fox her comeback, but if they failed, Ginger will blame them for their failure of her comeback.

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