List of Ships Similar to Creddie is a compilation of ships that draw comparisons to the relationship between Carly Shay and Freddie Benson, better known as Creddie, (C/arly and F/reddie).

Qualifications for ships being similar to Creddie

There are several clues in ships that make them similar to Creddie. The main qualification is:

  • The two characters are friends, or best friends, and this complicates their relationship or the idea of a relationship between them.

Some other aspects of the Creddie pairing include:

  • One of the pairing has rejected the other, often because they don't want to ruin their friendship.
  • One of the characters has been in love with the other for a long time, regardless of the fact that the character they are in love with knows, or if it's kept secret from them.
  • One of the characters fell in love with the other as a consequence of starting their friendship with each other.
  • One of the characters took time to develop feelings that went beyond friendship.
  • One of the characters is smart, nerdy and/or shy, while the other is more open and often not booksmart like the other character.

These aspects aren't always part of a pairing, for example, a pairing might not reject each other at all, but instead follow the main qualification that their friendship complicates their potential relationship, but once they talk or overcome or for whatever reason, they decide that risking their friendship is worth it for a relationship, they may enter one immediately.

Minor aspects of the Creddie pairing include:

  • One or both characters have saved the life of the other person in the pairing.
  • Being jealous of boyfriends or girlfriends even if they aren't together.
  • A third person who might be seen as an 'alternate' to the Creddie-like pairing.
  • They get together but break up because one side is worried the other doesn't really love them.
  • They live next door from each other.

Ships that are similar to Creddie

Danny and Riley (Danley) (from Baby Daddy)

  • Danny and Riley are best friends.
  • Danny has been in love with Riley since she climbed into his treehouse.
  • Riley has had a crush on Ben, Danny's brother, instead of Danny.
  • They have kissed several times.
  • They went to the same school as kids.
  • There is a love triangle.
  • Their relationship would complicate their friendship.      

Korra and Bolin (Borra) (from "Legend of Korra")

  • Korra and Bolin are best friends.
  • Bolin had a crush on Korra very quickly, but when he acted on it she just wanted to be friends.
  • She prefers Mako, who could be the Sam of the story.
  • There is a love triangle.

Beck and Tori (Bori) (from "Victorious")

  • They are close friends.
  • They are brunettes.
  • They go to the same school.
  • They have kissed.

Zoey and Chase (Choey) (from "Zoey 101")

  • Chase was in love with Zoey, but she never felt the same way until season 4.
  • Chase fell in love with Zoey as a consequence of starting their friendship with each other.
  • They both attended the same school.
  • The two characters are best friends, and this complicates the idea of a relationship between them.
  • They have kissed.

Jude and Jamie (from "Instant Star")

  • Jude and Jamie have known each other since they were very young.
  • They live next door to each other.
  • Jamie is in love with Jude, but she doesn't feel the same way.
  • She prefers Tommy, which can be seen as the competing Seddie ship.
  • Jude and Jamie have kissed.
  • There is a love triangle.
  • Jamie has been in love with Jude for a long time, but their friendship complicates it.
  • Jamie is a geek, like Freddie. Jude is popular, like Carly.
  • Jamie refuses to give up on Jude despite her turning him down multiple times.

Snape and Lily (from "Harry Potter")

  • Snape and Lily have known each other since they were kids.
  • Snape fell in love with Lily when he first met her.
  • Lily did not return Snape's feelings.
  • Their friendship would complicate their relationship.
  • There is a love triangle.

Woody and Jessie (from "Toy Story")

  • Woody and Jessie were best friends from the day they met.
  • Woody (Freddie) has saved Jessie's (Carly) life.
  • Woody and Jessie trust each other.
  • They also have a lot in common.

Katniss and Peeta (from "The Hunger Games")

  • Peeta fell in love with Katniss the minute he saw her, like Freddie with Carly.
  • Peeta and Katniss have kissed multiple times.
  • Peeta has saved Katniss's life, like Freddie saved Carly's.
  • They were next door neighbors (like Creddie) when they lived in the Victor's Village.
  • Katniss (Carly) didn't return Peeta (Freddie)'s feelings right away.
  • They are friends, which complicates their relationship.
  • Peeta is a lot more popular then Katniss, much like how Carly is more popular than Freddie.
  • There is a love triangle.

Katniss and Gale (from "The Hunger Games")

  • Katniss and Gale are best friends, which complicates the idea of a relationship with each other.
  • Gale fell in love with Katniss as a result of starting a friendship with her.
  • They've kissed multiple times.
  • They have saved each other's lives.
  • There is a love triangle.
  • Gale is more popular than Katniss, much like how Carly is more popular than Freddie.
  • Katniss (Carly) didn't return Gale (Freddie)'s feelings right away.
  • Gale was jelous when he thought Katniss might be with Peeta and Katniss was jelous of a possible relationship between Gale and Madge.

Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane (various sources)

  • Clark fell in love with Lois when he first saw her, like Freddie did with Carly.
  • Clark is shy and mild-mannered, much like Freddie.
  • Clark and Lois didn't become a couple until after a long time passed since they knew each other, like Carly and Freddie. This was due to Lois (Carly) not returning Clark's (Freddie's) feelings for quite a while.
  • Superman has saved Lois' life many times.
    Superman lois lane

Bugs and Lola Bunny (from Space Jam)

  • Bugs Bunny loved Lola immediately when he saw her, as Freddie loved Carly.
  • Lola didn't return Bugs' feelings at the start, like Carly.
  • When Bugs saved Lola by pushing her out of the way so the Monstar squashed him instead, Lola fell in love with Bugs.
Tumblr lju3uz6OsL1qd21hmo1 500

Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart (from the Final Fantasy universe)

  • Cloud and Tifa have been close friends since childhood, both growing up in Niebelheim.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa asked Cloud to promise her that, whenever she needs it, he'll come rescue her. Cloud promised.
  • In FFVII, Cloud confessed to Tifa that he joined SOLDIER to get her to notice him.
  • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Cloud protected Tifa from Sephiroth who was threatening to kill her.
  • In Kingdom Hearts II, it is through Tifa that Cloud could find the light in him-specifically, Tifa was his light. Moreover, Cloud was afraid that he wouldn't be able to protect his loved ones, especially Tifa.
  • Cloud has saved Tifa on a number of other occasions.

Rachel and Finn (from "Glee")

  • Rachel (Freddie) likes Finn (Carly) from the almost the beginning however for Finn (Carly) it took a while.
  • They were good friends for a while before dating.

Max and Fang (from "Maximum Ride")

  • The two of them have been best friends for a very long time, just like Carly and Freddie's friendship.
  • Fang was secretly in love with Max, and tried to show her how he felt. She secretly felt it too, but didn't realize it, until he proved what a perfect boyfriend he could be.
  • After breaking up, Fang writes to Max that he'll meet her in 20 years at their cave; similarly, in iSaved Your Life, Carly told Freddie that they should wait until he was out of crutches, or at least when his "hero" thing wears off, before they tried anything again.
  • After their breakup, they moved on to different people; although they still may hold feelings for one another. This may be the situation that is currently happening between Carly and Freddie.

Cat and Robbie (Cabbie) (from "Victorious")

  • Robbie (Freddie) is in love with Cat (Carly), but it is unknown if she likes him back.
  • Robbie isn't popular and is considered geeky, much like Freddie.
  • Cat is a sweet and friendly person.
  • They have kissed more than once.

Will and Layla (from "Sky High")

  • Like Carly and Freddie, Will and Layla are best friends, and have been for a long time.
  • Layla, like Freddie has been in love with Will, (Carly), since they first met.
  • Will, (Carly), doesn't return the feelings Layla, (Freddie), has for him in the beginning.
  • Will, (Carly), dated Gwen, (Jake Crandell), who is also his crush to which Layla, (Freddie), is not impressed by.
  • At the end of the movie Will and Layla become a couple. Though it's not known whether this will happen to Creddie.

Jackie and Fez (from "That '70s Show")

  • Fez, (Freddie), loved Jackie, (Carly), for most of the series, but she dated other guys until she found that Fez would treat her the best. That may happen with Creddie.
  • Despite being more of the underdog couple, (against Jackie/Hyde), they ended up happily together in the end.
  • Jackie, (Carly), is loved by a lot of guys and Fez, (Freddie), is picked on by a lot of their friends.

Daphne and Emmett (from "Switched at Birth")

  • Emmett, (Freddie), has been best friends with Daphne, (Carly), since they were in elementary school.
  • He is secretly in love with her.
  • He is always jealous of her other boyfriends.
  • Emmett saved her in third grade from girls who were bullying her because she is deaf.

Rusty and D.J (from "Full House")

  • Rusty, (Freddie), has a crush on D.J, (Carly). (From one episode.)
  • D.J, (Carly), doesn't feel the same way for Rusty, (Freddie).

Zoey and Chase (from "Zoey 101")

  • Chase, (Freddie), has been in love with Zoey, (Carly), since the first day he met her at PCA.
  • Chase, (Freddie), and Zoey, (Carly), soon became best friends after they met.
  • Zoey, (Carly), tells Chase, (Freddie,) that she loves him.
  • Zoey, (Carly), has kissed Chase, (Freddie).
  • Like Carly and Freddie, Chase and Zoey decide to wait a while before starting a relationship.
  • Chase, much like Freddie, is considered gullible.
  • Zoey, (Carly,) has been there for Chase, (Freddie).
  • Zoey, like Carly, is pretty, while Chase, like Freddie, is spazzy and geeky.
  • Like what happened in iSpeed Date, Carly and Freddie, Chase and Zoey shared a dance with each other at night.
  • Chase, (Freddie), talks and goes to school with Zoey, (Carly).

Steve and Laura (from "Family Matters")

  • Steve is very nerdy, and dresses properly, somewhat similar to Freddie.
  • Steve, (Freddie), is in love with Laura, (Carly), but Laura doesn't seem to respond his feelings.
  • Laura, (Carly), sometimes has gone out with bad guys, but breaks up with them immediately.
  • Steve (Fredward) will do just about anything for Laura (Carly) in exchange for one kiss.
  • Eventually, Laura, (Carly), and Steve, (Freddie), become a couple.
  • Laura, (Carly), gets jealous when she sees Steve, (Freddie), with another girl.

Aang and Katara (Kataang) (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender")

  • Aang, (Freddie), has been in love with Katara, (Carly), since the first time he met her.
  • ZKataang
    Aang, (Freddie), and Katara, (Carly), have both saved each other's lives in different occasions.
  • Aang, (Freddie), will do anything to get Katara's, (Carly's), attention.
  • Them kissing has played a major role in the show, like with Carly and Freddie.
  • When Aang, (Freddie), suggests that they should become a couple, Katara, (Carly), thinks that they should stay friends.
  • Aang (Freddie) and Katara (Carly) had ended the show with a kiss, like in iGoodbye.

Lisa and Milhouse (from "The Simpsons")

  • Milhouse, (Freddie), has had a crush on Lisa, (Carly), for a long time.
  • ZML
    Milhouse, (Freddie), is considered a dork, and is not very successful with girls.
  • Lisa, (Carly), is very smart and always gets good grades.
  • In the episode "Future-Drama" it is revealed that, in the future, Lisa and Milhouse start dating after he saves her life, very similar to iSaved Your Life.

Meg and Neil (from "Family Guy")

  • Neil, (Freddie), has a crush on Meg, (Carly), but Meg constantly rejects him.
  • Neil, (Freddie), will do anything to get Meg, (Carly), to be his girlfriend.
  • Neil is depicted as an unpopular nerd, similar to Freddie.
  • Meg has saved Neil's life before.
  • Meg, (Carly), thinks Neil, (Freddie), is a nerd.
  • Meg was possibly jealous when Neil went out with another girl similar to Carly when she saw Freddie had given up in  iChristmas

Fry and Leela (from "Futurama")

  • Fry, (Freddie), is in love with Leela, (Carly).
  • Fry, (Freddie), has been in love with Leela, (Carly), since the first day he met her.
  • Fry, (Freddie), and Leela, (Carly), have kissed more than once.
  • Their kiss played an important part in the series, like with Carly and Freddie.
  • Leela, (Carly), is classy, while Fry, (Freddie), is somewhat of a spazz.
  • Leela, (Carly), almost constantly rejects Fry, (Freddie).
  • Fry, (Freddie), is always trying schemes to get Leela, (Carly), to be his girlfriend. Leela, (Carly), rather likes to date other men than Fry, (Freddie).
  • Fry, (Freddie), and Leela, (Carly), both communicate and reactly similar with such an egotistical, greedy, selfish, and kleptomanical person, Bender, (Sam).
  • Fry, (Freddie), has saved Leela's, (Carly's), life before.

Sheen and Libby (from "Jimmy Neutron: The Boy Genius")

  • Sheen, (Freddie), has a crush on Libby, (Carly), but she doesn't love him back.
  • Sheen, (Freddie), is sort of a spazz, while Libby, (Carly), is cool.
  • Libby and Sheen eventually become a couple, like what happened with Carly and Freddie in iSaved Your Life.
  • Sheen, (Freddie), is always trying to get Libby, (Carly), to be his girlfriend.
  • Both Sheen and Libby have saved each other before, like how Freddie has saved Carly before.

Sheldon and Jenny (from "My Life As A Teenage Robot")

  • Sheldon, (Freddie), is considered a geek, while Jenny, (Carly), is more of the social, classy type.
  • Sheldon, (Freddie), has always been in love with Jenny, (Carly).
  • Sheldon, (Freddie), has saved Jenny's, (Carly's), life before.
  • Although Sheldon, (Freddie), has a crush on Jenny, (Carly), she doesn't return those feelings to him.

Jack and Allison (from "Eureka")

  • Allison, (Freddie), is an exceptional scientist, whilst Jack, (Carly), is very down to earth.
  • Jack, (Carly), has always been in love with Allison, (Freddie).
  • Jack, (Carly), has always been jealous of Allison's boyfriend's and her ex-husband Nathan Stark, (Sam).
  • They have each saved each other's life on multiple occasions.
  • They both worry that they might be hurting their friendship if they get into a relationship, similar to what Carly feels if ever Freddie and her dated, (up until iSaved Your Life).

Kim and Ron (from "Kim Possible")

  • Ron, (Freddie), has a crush on Kim, (Carly), and she always rejects him.
  • Ron, (Freddie), once declined Kim's, (Carly's), love under mental influence, even though he could have easily taken advantage.
  • Ron, (Freddie), once saved Kim's, (Carly's), life.
  • Ron, (Freddie), can't believe that Kim, (Carly), kissed him.
  • Kim, (Carly), and Ron, (Freddie), share their first dance with each other.

Timmy and Trixie (from "Fairly Odd Parents")

  • Timmy, (Freddie), has a huge crush on Trixie, (Carly).
  • Trixie, (Carly), is constantly rejecting Timmy, (Freddie).
  • Timmy, (Freddie), has saved Trixie's, (Carly's), life before.
  • When Trixie, (Carly), gets interested in a bad boy named Gary, (Griffin), Timmy, (Freddie), gets jealous.
  • Trixie, (Carly), is popular, while Timmy, (Freddie), isn't.
  • Timmy and Trixie have kissed multiple times.
  • Trixie, (Carly), has even kissed Timmy, (Freddie), as rewards for certain things, as shown in the photo.

Julian and Jadzia (from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine")

  • Julian, (Freddie), had loved Jadzia, (Carly), since the 1st time they met.

    Julian Bashir & Jadzia Dax

  • Julian & Jadzia are very close friends.
  • Julian (Freddie) has saved Jadzia's (Carly) life before
  • Julian, (Freddie), constantly gets jealous when Jadzia, (Carly), gets a new love interest.
  • Jadzia usually rejects Julian, similar to what Carly does everytime Freddie makes a "move" on her, (up until iSaved Your Life).
  • Although being the underdog couple, (as opposed to Jadzia/Worf), because Jadzia actually married Worf, this pairing eventually happened at the end of the season-after Julian, (Freddie), had waited a long time for Jadzia, (Carly), to love him back, she realized she did finally when she was free from Worf.

Milo and Lizbeth (from "Captain Flamingo")

  • Lizbeth, (Freddie), has a huge crush on Milo, (Carly), which is usually shown as unreciprocated.
  • Lizbeth and Milo are best friends, much like Carly and Freddie are.
  • Lizbeth is smart, friendly and sweet, much like Freddie is.
  • Milo, (Carly), has shown some signs of returning Lizbeth's, (Freddie's), affections.
  • Milo has saved Lizbeth's life, like what Freddie did with Carly in iSaved Your Life.

Reed and Julia (from " Valentine's Day")

  • Julia is classy, sweet, and smart, like Carly is.
  • Like Freddie and Carly, Julia and Reed are best friends.
  • Reed, (Freddie), has a crush on Julia, (Carly), but she doesn't return his feelings at first.
  • Reed and Julia kissed and started dating, like Carly and Freddie did in iSaved Your Life.

Matt and Jenna (from "13 Going On 30")

  • Jenna, (Carly), and Matt, (Freddie), are best friends, much like Carly and Freddie.
  • Matt is generally considered a nerd, much like Freddie is.
  • Matt, (Freddie), has a huge crush on Jenna, (Carly), which she doesn't return.
  • Jenna is sad seeing 30 year old Matt with another girl, similar to what happened when Carly was, or most likely, jealous of Freddie loving another girl besides her in iChristmas.
  • Eventually, Jenna, kisses Matt, and they start dating, similar to what happened in iSaved Your Life, but Carly and Freddie eventually broke up later on the episode.

Buzz and Jessie (from "Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3")

  • Buzz, (Freddie), has been in love with Jessie, (Carly), since the first day they met.
  • Buzz, (Freddie), has shared a dance with Jessie, (Carly).
  • Buzz, (Freddie), saves Jessie's, (Carly's), life from getting hit by something.
  • Buzz and Jessie eventually become a couple, similar to what happened with Carly and Freddie in iSaved Your Life.
  • Buzz, (Freddie), in Spanish Mode get jealous when Jessie, (Carly), hugs Woody. Similar to how Freddie gets jealous of Carly's boyfriends.

Leonard and Penny (from "The Big Bang Theory")

  • Leonard, (Freddie), had loved Penny, (Carly), since the first time they met.
  • Leonard and Penny live across the hall from each other.
  • Leonard's friend, Sheldon, says that Penny will never love him.
  • They eventually get together, but then break up.
  • Leonard constantly gets jealous when Penny gets a new boyfriend.
  • Penny calls Leonard a geek, but not in a mean way.
  • Leonard is very overprotective of Penny, like how Freddie is with Carly
  • Leonard and Penny get together again

David and Millie (from "Jumper")

  • David, (Freddie), had loved Millie, (Carly), since the 1st time they met.
  • Millie, (Carly), ends up being David's, (Freddie's), girlfriend.
  • David, (Freddie), and Millie, (Carly), are best friends.

Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes (from "Transformers")

  • Sam and Mikaela get along often, just like Carly and Freddie.
  • Sam's, (Freddie's), feelings for Mikaela, (Carly), at first are unrequited.

Peter and Mary-Jane (from the "Spider-Man" film trilogy)

  • Peter, (Freddie), is very smart, techy, like Freddie.
  • Mary Jane, (Carly), didn't fall in love with Peter, (Freddie), until he saved her life. Then he broke up with her with her, (as did Freddie to Carly), because he didn't want to hurt her.
  • Peter, (Freddie), has loved Mary-Jane (Carly) since the first day he met her.
  • Like Freddie, Peter gets jealous when Mary-Jane, (Carly), was dating a hotter, cooler boy, (Griffin).
  • Mary-Jane, (Carly), got jealous when Peter/Spider-Man kissed another girl, Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3, (as did Freddie with Sam).
  • Mary-Jane, (Carly), admitted to Peter, (Freddie), that she loved him.
  • They have kissed more than once, and Peter (Freddie) has saved Mary-Jane's (Carly's) life, countless times.

Mario and Peach (from "Super Mario Bros.")

  • Mario (Freddie), is in love with Peach (Carly).

    Mario has rescued Peach countless times, just like Freddie saved Carly's.

  • Mario (Freddie), has rescued Peach (Carly), countless times.
  • After Peach is saved, she kisses Mario's nose, (like the "nose kiss" in iLike Jake).

Sonic and Amy (from "Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic X")

  • Amy, (Freddie), has been in love with Sonic, (Carly), since the first day she met him.
  • Sonic, (Freddie), has saved Amy's, (Carly's), life before.

    Amy is in love with Sonic, just like Freddie with Carly.

  • Amy, (Freddie), keeps trying new schemes on trying to get Sonic, (Carly), whether it's to date, or marry her.

Sonic and Sally (from "Sonic the Hedgehog")

  • Sonic, (Freddie), has saved Sally's, (Carly's), life before.
  • Sonic, like Freddie, is smart but gulliable.
  • Sally, (Carly), loves Sonic, (Freddie), more than she realizes.
  • The two end up kissing, but at the series finale.
  • Sally is very good with technology, like Freddie.

Isabella and Phineas [Phinabella] (from "Phineas and Ferb")

  • Isabella, (Freddie), and Phineas, (Carly), have been best friends for years.
  • Phineas, (Carly), has saved Isabella's, (Freddie's), life twice.
  • Phineas, (Carly), is willing to do anything for Isabella, (Freddie).
  • Isabella, (Freddie), has also saved Phineas's, (Carly's), life.
  • Isabella, (Freddie), has had a crush Phineas, (Carly), since the first day she met him.
  • Phineas, (Carly), has trouble lying to Isabella, (Freddie).
  • Isabella (Carly) kissed Phineas (Freddie) in 'Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Demension.'

Anakin and Padme (from the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy)

  • Anakin, (Freddie), is shown to be great with technology.
  • Anakin, (Freddie), fell in love with Padme, (Carly), when he first saw her.
  • Anakin, (Freddie), and Padme, (Carly), have kissed more than once.
  • Anakin, (Freddie), is very gullible, sometimes.
  • Padme, (Carly), tells Anakin, (Freddie), that she loves her, and vice versa.
  • Anakin, (Freddie), has saved Padme's, (Carly's), life more than once.
  • Anakin, (Freddie), waited a long time for Padme, (Carly), to love him back, and when they had grown up, she fell in love with him although it was forbidden.

Phil and Keely (from "Phil of the Future")

  • Phil, (Freddie), starts out always wanting to impress Keely, (Carly).
  • Keely, (Carly), sometimes uses Phil, (Freddie), for his gadgets for schoolwork.
  • Keely, (Carly), has her own show.
  • Pheely began dating, just like Creddie.
  • Keely sounds like Carly, and Phil sounds like Freddie.

True and Jimmy (from "True Jackson, VP")


Right Before They Kiss

  • True, (Carly), and Jimmy, (Freddie), have shared a dance together.
  • True, (Carly), and Jimmy, (Freddie), are best friends.
  • True has had a crush on Jimmy since the beginning, much like Freddie with Carly.
  • True, (Carly), and Jimmy, (Freddie), decided to wait before starting a relationship.
  • True and Jimmy have kissed more than once.

Adrienne and Nick (from "The Crush")

  • Adrienne, (Freddie), had a crush on Nick, (Carly).
  • Adrienne, (Freddie), said she loved Nick, (Carly), on many occasions.
  • They become friends like Carly and Freddie do.
  • Nick doesn't return Adrienne's feelings for him like Carly with Freddie.
  • Adrienne, (Freddie) never gave up on Nick, (Carly).
  • Adrienne got super jealous when Nick interacted with other girls who weren't her, like how Freddie is with Carly.
  • Like Carly and Freddie, they've kissed.

Cookie and Lisa (from "Ned's Declassified")

  • Cookie and Lisa are very good friends, much like Carly and Freddie friendship.
  • At first, Lisa, (Freddie), has a crush on Cookie, (Carly).
  • Both Cookie and Lisa are smart and get good grades, like both Carly and Freddie.
  • Cookie, (Carly), nursed and felt for Lisa, (Freddie), when she was sick, similar to what happened in iSaved Your Life.
  • Cookie, (Carly) just wants to stay friends with Lisa, (Freddie).
  • Cookie, (Carly), and Freddie, (Lisa), have shared a dance with each other.

Bailey and Cody (from "The Suite Life on Deck")

  • Cody, (Freddie), has loved Bailey, (Carly), since he first met her, and tried to win her heart.
  • ZCody Bailey Dance
    Cody is surprised, like Freddie, when Bailey, (Carly), finally kisses him on the lips.
  • Cody and Bailey are very smart like Carly and Freddie, and both are known to be very "nice" and "polite".
  • Cody, (Freddie), and Bailey, (Carly), finally are a couple for a time, but they eventually break up. Towards the end of the series, however, they realize they still love each other. That may happen to Creddie.

Amu and Tadase (from "Shugo Chara!")

  • Amu has been in love with Tadase since before the series started.
  • They have had many moments during the series.
  • Tadase, (Freddie), doesn't seem shy about declaring his love for Amu, (Carly).

Draco and Hermione (from "Harry Potter")

  • Draco was in love with Hermione from the first moment he saw her. (Said proof by J.K. Rowling)
  • Draco and Hermione are the two smartest in the class, just like Carly and Freddie.
  • Hermione is a very nerdy person, and isn't too popular, like Freddie.
  • While Draco is very smart, he's also popular, just like Carly.
  • Romione [Seddie] is the main rival.
  • Many girls are in love with Draco while they think he is super hot and want to go out with him, just like many boys do with Carly.
  • Draco prefers Hermione over Ron, just like Freddie does with Carly and Sam.
  • Hermione [Carly] often tries to stop Ron [Sam] attacking or hurting Draco [Freddie].
  • Hermione [Carly] does care for Draco [Freddie] and is worried about him.

Duncan and Veronica (from "Veronica Mars")

  • Veronica is smart and sassy like Carly, while Duncan is the sweet boy vying for her affection.
  • Veronica dates Duncan after breaking up with bad boy Logan (Griffin).
  • Duncan, (Freddie), has dorky tendencies, neither does he know how to fight.

Bella and Jacob (from "The Twilight Saga")

  • Jacob, (Freddie), is in love with Bella, (Carly), and wants to be more than friends.
  • Jacob dislikes the fact that Bella is interested in someone that is not him. This happens with Freddie when Carly is interested in someone not him.
  • Jacob, (Freddie), has saved Bella's, (Carly's), life.
  • Jacob, (Freddie), would do anything for Bella, (Carly).
  • Bella, (Carly), has admitted that she loves Jacob, (Freddie).
  • Jacob, (Freddie), and Bella, (Carly), have kissed more than once.

Lizzie and Gordo (from "Lizzie McGuire")

  • Gordo, (Freddie), is in love with Lizzie, (Carly), and wants to be more than friends.
  • Gordo, (Freddie), is very nerdy and dorky.
  • Lizzie and Gordo are best friends.
  • Miranda is Lizzie's best friend, like Sam and Carly.
  • Miranda and Gordo don't get along, like Sam and Freddie.
  • They have a friend in common Miranda (Sam).

Kenan and Sharla (from "Kenan and Kel")

  • Kenan and Sharla worked together much like Freddie and Carly work together on their webshow iCarly.
  • Kenan and Sharla end up together at the end of the night at a school dance and share a dance together, like Freddie and Carly in iSpeed Date.
  • It is revealed in the series that Kenan, (Freddie), has a crush on Sharla, (Carly).
  • Kenan, (Freddie), and Sharla, (Carly), date for a period of time.

Spongebob and Sandy (from "Spongebob Squarepants")

  • Freddie (SpongeBob) has remembered of a time were he and Sandy (Carly) almost kissed.
  • Both SpongeBob (Freddie) and Sandy (Carly) have saved each other's lives before.
  • SpongeBob (Freddie) is considered both geeky and gullible.
  • SpongeBob (Freddie) is sometimes concerned for Sandy's (Carly's) safety.
  • Sandy, like Freddie, is very smart, and can even invent things.

Yugi and Tea (from "Yu-Gi-Oh!")

  • Tea liked Yugi as soon as she saw him, like Freddie with Carly.
  • Tea gets jealous when other girls try to get Yugi's attention.
  • Yugi will fight for Tea, and both support each other when they are down.

Zack and Maddie (from "The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody/ Suite Life On Deck")

  • Like Freddie with Carly, Zack sometimes pursues Maddie to no avail.
  • At first, Zack tries to flirt with Maddie and asks her out multiple times. Maddie was a bit freaked out by this, but got over it.
  • Later on, in the episode "Maddie on Deck", from the spin-off series "The Suite Life on Deck", Maddie, (Carly), finally kisses Zack, (Freddie).

Simba and Nala (from "The Lion King")

  • Simba and Nala are best friends.
  • Nala (Carly) pins Simba (Freddie) to the ground on two occasions.

    Simba and Nala have been best friends since the beginning, and fall in love with each other. Very similar to Carly and Freddie.

  • Once Simba (Freddie) became stronger, he was able to pin Nala (Carly) to the ground.
  • Simba and Nala had an attraction for each other from the beginning, just like Freddie and Carly did.

Eragon and Arya (from "Eragon")

  • Eragon, (Freddie), fell in love with Ayra, (Carly), when he first met her.
  • They are both best friends.
  • Eragon, like Freddie, has failed several times to woo Ayra (Carly) into loving him.
  • Fans of this shipping are hoping that they become an actual couple.

Tai and Sora [Tora] (from "Digimon")

  • Tai, (Freddie), and Sora, (Carly), are best friends.
  • Tai, (Freddie), has saved Sora's, (Carly's), life.
  • Tai, (Freddie), is smart and gulliable.

Makoto Naegi and Kyouko Kirigiri [Naegiri] (from "Dangan Ronpa")

  • Naegi and Kirigiri develop a very close friendship over the timespan of the plot
  • It is hinted in Dangan Ronpa IF that one of them had a crush on the other
  • Kirigiri saved Naegi from the garbage pit after Monokuma's attempt to execute him failed.
  • Their dorms are next to each other in the dormitory hallway
  • There are other rivals that could get in the way of the pairing: Sayaka Maizono and Mukuro Ikusaba

Rocky and Deuce (from "Shake It Up!")

  • Rocky has kissed Deuce.
  • Rocky, like Freddie, is a smart, straight A honours student.
  • Rocky (Freddie) has brown hair, and Deuce (Carly) has black hair.
  • They are close friends. 
  • They have known each other forever.

Doug and Patti (from "Doug")

  • Doug has been in love with Patti from the first day he saw her.
  • Doug did anything to have Patti pay attention to him.
  • Doug and Patti has been shown to be best friends.
  • Doug got his first kiss from a girl that was not the girl of his dreams.
  • Patti has kissed Doug as a reward.

Tommy and Lil (from "Rugrats/All Grown Up")

  • Tommy and Lil are best friends, a friendship that Carly and Freddie also share.
  • Tommy, (Freddie), has a close friendship with Lil's, (Carly's), brother, Phil, (Spencer).
  • Tommy and Lil have both shared the last dance of the night, like what happened in iSpeed Date when Carly and Freddie danced.
  • Tommy is a lot like Freddie, and Lil is a lot like Carly.

Ned and Suzie (from "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide")

  • Ned, (Freddie), has been in love with Suzie, (Carly), since he met her.
  • Suzie, (Carly), finally kissed Ned, (Freddie), and Ned, (Freddie), was in shock.

Naruto and Sakura (from "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden")

  • Naruto, (Freddie), loves Sakura, (Carly), since the first moment he saw her.
  • Sakura, (Carly), almost always rejects Naruto, (Freddie).
  • It seems like Sakura and Naruto are best friends.
  • Naruto, (Freddie), has saved Sakura's, (Carly's), life.

Naruto and Hinata (from "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden")

  • Hinata, (Freddie), is in love with Naruto, (Carly). since the first day she saw him.
  • Naruto, (Freddie), has saved Hinata's, (Carly's), life.

Luffy and Nami (from "One Piece")

  • Luffy, (Freddie), and Nami, (Carly), are best friends.
  • Luffy, (Freddie), has saved Nami's, (Carly's), life.

Sanji and Nami (from One Piece)

  • Sanji, (Freddie), is in love with Nami, (Carly), since the first day they met.
  • Nami has never yet accepted Sanji's feelings.
  • Sanji will do anything for Nami.
  • Sanji gets jealous when Nami is getting serious with other guys.

Kimba and Lea (from "Kimba the White Lion")

  • Kimba, (Freddie), and Lea, (Carly), became best friends the minute they met and Kimba appeared to like her from the beginning.
  • Kimba has saved Lea's life twice, like how Freddie has saved Carly's life.
  • Kimba and Lea eventually love each other mutually, like what happened between Carly and Freddie in iSaved Your Life.

Chowder and Panini (from "Chowder")

  • Panini, (Freddie), has been in love with Chowder since the moment she saw him.
  • Chowder, (Carly), does not return the feelings Panini feels for him.
  • Chowder and Panini are both nice and lovable as Carly and Freddie seem to be with people.

Bridgette and Geoff (from the "Total Drama" series)

  • Geoff, (Freddie), developed an instant crush on Bridgette, (Carly), since the day they met.
  • Like Geoff, Freddie can be labeled as a different person that doesn't like it when people who are opposite try to ruin his day or mood.
    Z20100710195632!Geoff and Bridgette
  • Like Bridgette, Carly is a laid-back, kind soul who's against conflict, and doing something wrong.
  • Carly and Freddie's kissing in iSaved Your Life is somewhat similar to Geoff and Bridgette's making out that began before the end of season one.
  • Geoff and Bridgette both have a friendship with Gwen, just like Carly and Freddie's friendship with Sam.

Ed and Winry (from "Fullmetal Alchemist")

  • Ed, (Freddie), and Winry, (Carly), have been best friends since they were young.
  • Ed saved Winry's life by jumping infront of her when she was about to be killed by Scar, similar to how Freddie saved Carly's life in iSaved Your Life.
  • Winry is usually very kind towards Ed, but she can get "hyped up" if things go wrong, just like Carly is with Freddie.
  • They care for each other, like how Carly and Freddie are with each other.
  • They would do anything for each other, like what Carly and Freddie would do.

Miroku and Sango (from "Inuyasha")

  • Miroku is a total flirt, and Freddie likes the ladies, (iRocked the Vote).
  • Sango, (Carly), is strong and is constantly rejecting Miroku, (Freddie).
  • They both secretly like each other though.

Ichigo and Orihime (from "Bleach")

  • Orihime, (Freddie), has been in love with Ichigo, (Carly), since the first time she met him.
  • Ichigo, (Freddie), has saved Orihime's, (Carly's), life.

Sierra and Cody (from "Total Drama World Tour")

  • Cody, (Carly), is aware of Sierra's, (Freddie's), attraction
  • Carly and Freddie have kissed before, like Sierra and Cody
  • Like Sierra with Gwen, Freddie didn't like a guy who liked Carly.
  • Freddie has tried to get Carly to kiss him, like how Sierra did with Cody in some TDWT episodes

Lister and Kochanski (from "Red Dwarf")

  • Lister, (Freddie), has been trying to woo Kochanski, (Carly), an alternate version of a Kochanski from his universe, for a long time.
  • Kochanski rejects his flirts, like how Carly handles a similar situation with Freddie.

Teddy and Spencer (from "Good Luck Charlie")

  • Teddy liked Spencer since the beginning, like how Freddie has always loved Carly.
  • Teddy and Spencer have kissed, like Carly and Freddie.
  • Spencer, (Carly), wanted to get back together, but Teddy, (Freddie), just wanted to be friends, a similar situation occurred in iSaved Your Life.

Andie and Duckie (from "Pretty in Pink")

  • Duckie, (Freddie), is in love with Andie, (Carly), and she is aware of his attraction.
  • Andie is in love with someone else, not Duckie.

Fabian and Nina [Fabina] (from "House of Anubis")

  • Fabian seemed to take an immediate liking to Nina; similar to Freddie to Carly.
  • Fabian is a gentleman like Freddie.
  • They are best friends.
  • They had slow-dance with each other and eventually kissed.

Mick and Mara [Mickra] (from "House of Anubis")

  • Mara is very smart, like Freddie.
  • They were friends at first. like Freddie and Carly.
  • At first Mara, (Freddie), loved Mick, but Mick, (Carly), didn't like her back.
  • They have kissed each other. like Freddie and Carly.
  • They have dated, like Freddie and Carly.

Alfie and Amber [Amfie] (from "House of Anubis")

  • Alfie, (Freddie), loved Amber, (Carly), but Amber didn't like him back.
  • They've danced with each other, like what Freddie and Carly did in iSpeed Date.
  • They've kissed each other, like Freddie and Carly.

Kevin and Gwen [Gwevin] (from "Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien")

  • Kevin, (Freddie), knows a lot about technology.
  • They kissed multiple times, like Freddie and Carly.
  • Kevin, (Freddie), gets jealous when people try to flirt with Gwen, (Carly).
  • They spend a lot of time together, like Carly and Freddie.
  • They aren't considered boyfriend/girlfriend, but they are close, like Carly and Freddie.

Kuzco and Melina (from "The Emperor's New School")

  • Kuzco (Freddie) was in love with Melina (Carly) since the beginning.
  • Melina is smart like Freddie.
  • Melina is pretty and popular like Carly.
  • Kuzco is always trying to get Melina to go out with him, but she always turns him down.
  • Kuzco and Melina have kissed.

Harry and Ginny (from "Harry Potter" series)

  • Ginny, (Freddie), has had a crush on Harry, (Carly), since they met, but Harry did not return the feelings.
  • Harry and Ginny started out friends.
  • It took time for Harry, (Carly), to realize he wanted to be more than friends, similar to how Carly reacted in iSaved Your Life.
  • Harry, (Freddie), has saved Ginny's, (Carly's), life.
  • Ginny and Harry have kissed multiple times.
  • Harry is jealous when Ginny is with other guys and Ginny is jelous when Harry is with other girls, much like like Carly and Freddie.

Risa and Haruka (from "Lovely Complex")

  • Risa and Haruka are childhood friends, like how Carly and Freddie have been friends.
  • Huraka, (Freddie), has had a crush on Risa, (Carly), since they were kids.
  • Haruka, (Freddie), is always asking Risa, (Carly), out and telling her how much he loves her.
    1294680053763 f

    Risa and Haruka

  • Risa, (Carly), just wants to be friends and doesn't think of Haruka, (Freddie), in that way.
  • Haruka, (Freddie), gets very jealous when Risa, (Carly), is around other guys.

Alto and Ranka (from "Macross Frontier")

  • Alto, (Freddie), has saved Ranka's, (Carly's), life many times.
  • Ranka, (Freddie), falls for Alto, (Carly), when they first met.
  • Ranka, (Carly), is sometimes jealous when Sheryl, (representing other girls), flirts with Alto, (Freddie).
  • Ranka, (Carly), tells Alto, (Freddie), that she loves him, before she left for the Vajra planet.
  • Ranka, (Carly), and Alto, (Freddie), loves to spend time together.
  • In the Wings of Goodbye movie, Alto, (Carly), rejects Ranka, (Freddie), because he chose Sheryl, but they remain friends

Amanda and Mike (from "Supah Ninjas")

  • Mike (Freddie) has had a crush on Amanda, (Carly), since the 5th grade.
  • Amanda doesn't return those feelings (Carly) and just considers them to be friends.
  • Mike (Freddie) has saved Amanda (Carly) before.
  • When Amanda (Carly) gets a boyfriend, Mike (Freddie) gets really jealous.
  • Mike is really nerdy, and is very nice (just like Freddie). Amanda is very smart, pretty, popular (just like Carly).
  • In one episode, Mike admits that he loves her and Amanda (who is being controlled by an evil toymaker so she can't control her actions and therefore doesn't know what she's saying/doing) says that she wants to date him. Mike then hesitates, thinking that it is wrong for them to date, (just like what happened in iSaved Your Life).

Justin and Harper (from "Wizards of Waverly Place")

  • Harper, (Freddie), has a crush on Justin, (Carly), but Justin never returned the feelings.
  • Harper and Justin dated briefly in one episode, but broke up because it wasn't "real love". They then decided to be friends, similar to what happened with Carly and Freddie in iSaved Your Life.
  • Harper gets jealous when Justin hangs out with other girls.
  • Harper's, (Carly's), best friend, Alex, (Sam), is mean, doesn't care much about school and is always teasing Justin, (Freddie).
  • Later on the series, Harper (Freddie) starts dating Justin's (Carly) best friend Zeke (Sam), though they had no feelings for each other earlier.

Fletcher and Chyna (from "A.N.T. Farm")

  • Fletcher, (Freddie), loved Chyna, (Carly), since he met her for the first time.
  • Fletcher, (Freddie), is always willing to help Chyna, (Carly).
  • Fletcher, (Freddie), somewhat dislikes Chyna's (Carly's) best friend, Olive, (Sam).
  • Chyna, (Carly), doesn't seem to return Fletcher's, (Freddie's), feelings for her.
  • Chyna has shown signs of liking Fletcher back
  • Fletcher has asked her out, but she rejects as she doesn't want to ruin their friendship
  • Chyna has black hair and Fletcher has brown hair.

Ray and Lily (from "Radio Free Roscoe")

  • Ray, (Freddie), has a crush on his best friend Lily, (Carly), from the beginning of the series.
  • Ray's, (Freddie's), crush on Lily, (Carly), is unrequited for a long period of time.
  • Lily, (Carly), realizes that she has feelings for Ray, (Freddie), only after she gives him a makeover, a dramatic change, that is similar in depth to the heroism when Freddie saves Carly from the taco truck.
  • Ray, (Freddie), and Lily, (Carly), both end up admitting feelings for the other, initially at separate times.
  • Lily, (Carly), and Ray (Freddie) share a mutual friend, Travis (Sam). Ray (Freddie) and Travis (Sam) do not get along as well as Lily, (Carly), and Travis, (Sam), do. Travis, (Sam), is originally a threat to the romantic relationship between Lily, (Carly), and Ray, (Freddie).

Delilah and Bando (from "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Fransisco")

  • Bando, (Freddie), has a huge crush on Deliliah, (Carly).
    Delilah Bando

    Bando has always loved Delilah, just as Freddie has Carly.

  • Bando defends Deliliah a lot, much as Freddie does with Carly.
  • Although Bando's crush on Delilah, Delilah ends up with Chance, something that may happen with Carly and Freddie.
  • Delilah insits on being just friends, like what Carly mostly does when Freddie asks to be his girlfriend.

Ash and Dawn (from "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl")

  • Dawn, (Freddie), is shown to have a crush on Ash, (Carly).
  • Ash and Dawn are very close and always support each other.
  • Ash, (Freddie), has saved Dawn's, (Carly's), life.
  • Brock, (Sam), may sometimes be a third wheel, preventing Ash or Dawn, (Freddie or Carly), from making a move.

Sakura and Sasuke (from "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden")

  • Sakura, (Freddie) likes Sasuke, (Carly).
  • Sakura is smart, like Freddie.
  • Sakura, (Freddie), has saved Sasuke's, (Carly's), life.

Kendall and Jo (from "Big Time Rush")

  • Kendall, (Freddie), liked Jo, (Carly) since the first day they met.
  • Jo, (Carly), took some time to develop some feelings that went beyond friendship, like what happened with Carly in iSaved Your Life.
  • Kendall, (Freddie), always seems jealous of others who show romantic feelings for Jo, (Carly), and vice-versa.
  • They live in the same building, just like Carly and Freddie.

Soushi and Riiko (from "Absolute Boyfriend")

  • Soushi, (Freddie), and Riiko, (Carly), are best friends.
  • Soushi's, (Freddie's), love for Riiko, (Carly), is unrequited.
  • Shoushi and Riiko have kissed before, like Carly and Freddie.

Yuhi and Aya (from "Ceres, Celestial Legend")

  • Yuhi, (Freddie), and Aya, (Carly), are close friends.
  • Yuhi and Aya have kissed before, like Carly and Freddie.
  • Yuhi, (Freddie), loves Aya, (Carly).

Kyon and Mikuru (from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya")

  • Kyon (Freddie) has a crush on Mikuru (Carly)
  • Mikuru (Carly) is kind and generous.
  • Kyon (Freddie) is smart.
  • Mikuru (Carly) constantly rejects Kyon (Freddie)
  • Kyon (Freddie) is still attracted to her however.

Ken and Barbie (from several Barbie movies)

  • Ken and Barbie are always shown to be very good friends, as are Carly and Freddie.
  • Ken and Barbie (even in parts they "play" in other movies) are always able to joke around with each other, and seem very comfortable confiding in and simply being around the other one. Carly and Freddie show this same relationship characteristic.
  • Ken (or his character) generally has a crush on Barbie first (see the Barbie Diaries), like Freddie liked Carly from the beginning.

Cleo and Lewis (from "H2O: Just Add Water")

  • From the start of the series, Lewis is shown to have a huge crush on Cleo, just as Freddie is shown from the start of the series to have a huge crush on Carly.
  • Lewis, like Freddie, is a geek, and sometimes is shown to be a techy, also.
  • Cleo and Carly are both occasionally naive or airhead-ish, and seem to see the best in people most of the time.
  • Lewis and Cleo (like Freddie and Carly) study with each other often.
  • Carly and Freddie confide in each other and are generally comfortable in the other's presence, just like Cleo and Lewis.
  • Cleo and Carly are both brunette.
  • Both Cleo and Carly's families are split up, for one reason or another, at some point in the series.

Kopa and Asante (The Lion King: Friends for Life)

  • Kopa and Asante are best friends.
  • Kopa (Freddie) has saved Asante's (Carly's) life before.

Cory and Meena (Cory in the House)

  • Cory (Freddie) has always had a crush on Meena (Carly)
  • They are close friends and have each other's back
  • Meena (Carly) can be considered quite popular and attaractive getting lots of attetion from other guys besides Cory (Freddie)
  • Meena seems to only think of Cory as a friend and doesn't quite seem to return his feelings for just like Creddie was for a long time
  • They have a blond friend, Newt (Sam) and the three of them have a band together called DC3 (iCarly)
  • Meena (Carly) may have slow budding feelings for Cory (Freddie) as the show progresses

Leah and Sam (from "The Twilight Saga")

  • Leah is in love with Sam, but he doesn't return her feelings.
  • He is in love with another girl, Emily.
  • There is a love triangle.

Ben and Julie (from "Ben 10")

  • Ben and Julie had liked one another from the first time they meet
  • Ben has saved Julie more than once
  • Julie is the only one that can keep Ben grounded
  • When Julie has kissed Ben he has shown love it more than anything

Mulder and Scully (from "The X Files")

  • Mulder and Scully would best friends
  • Mulder and Scully only trusted one another
  • They both saved one another life more than once
  • Little hints would be put in most episodes to shown that something more may happen with Mulder and Scully
  • They kissed and hugs more than one time
  • They have shared a dance

Fred and Daphne (from "Scooby Doo")

  • Fred has liked Daphne for a long time.
  • They eventually start going out.
  • Fred is very smart, and Daphne is very social.
  • He has saved her life before.

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (from "Flintstones)

  • They are best friends
  • Both had feelings fr one another form the first time they meet
  • Bamm Bamm would do anything for Pebbles

Robin and Starfire (from "Teen Titans")

  • They are best friends.
  • They have saved each other's lives.
  • They have shared the last dance of the night.
  • They have kissed and hugged.
  • They have feelings for one another from the first time they meet.
  • They shared a kiss at the end of the series.

Gunther and CeCe (from "Shake It Up!")

  • Gunther (Freddie) has a crush CeCe (Carly).
  • Gunther (Freddie) has flirted with CeCe (Carly).
  • They have gone out.
  • They have hugged.
  • Gunther has thought about CeCe in a romantic way, but she turned him down.
  • Gunther has let CeCe know that he likes her.
  • They have danced together.
  • Gunther hates Rocky, CeCe's best friend.
  • Gunther tried to kiss CeCe.
  • Gunther put his arm around CeCe.
  • They are similar in many ways.
  • CeCe is popular, social and girly.
  • Gunther (Freddie) and CeCe (Carly) both work on Shake It Up! Chicago (iCarly).

Lion-O and Cheetara (from "ThunderCats")

  • Lion-O (Freddie) is friends with Cheetara (Carly).
  • Lion-O (Freddie) has a crush on Cheetara (Carly).
  • Lion-O (Freddie) was jealous when Cheetara (Carly) kissed Tygra (Jake Krandle).

Kendrix and Leo (from "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy")

  • Kendrix (Freddie) is smart and brainy and Leo (Carly) is strong and handsome.
  • Kendrix (Freddie) has a crush on Leo (Carly).
  • Leo (Freddie) becomes upset when Kendrix (Carly) sacrifices herself.

Dudley and Kitty (from "T.U.F.F. Puppy")

  • Both are good friends, just like Freddie and Carly.
  • Kitty (Carly) is smart and beautiful, while Dudley (Freddie) is annoying and handsome.

Ned Bigby and Jennifer "Moze" Mosely (from "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide")

  • Both are best friends
  • Both have shared more than five kisses
  • They ended up together in the series finale and shared a kiss

Beast Boy and Terra ( from "Teen Titans")

  • Beast Boy (Freddie) was in love with Terra (Carly) from the first moment he saw her.
  • They are best friends.
  • Terra (Freddie) has saved Beast Boy's (Carly's) life.

Brady and Mikayla (From "Pair of Kings")

  • Brady (Freddie) has liked Mikayla (Carly) since the moment he saw her.
  • They have a close friendship.
  • Brady gets jealous when Mikayla is around with other guys.
  • Everyone saids that Brady is out of Mikayla's league.
  • Everyone knows that Brady like Mikayla, including Mikayla.
  • Brady and Mikayla have danced together.
  • Brady has saved Mikayla's life.
  • Brady and Mikayla have kissed.
  • Brady and Mikayla live in the same building.

Davis and Kari (From "Digimon Adventure 02")

  • Davis(Freddie) has liked Kari(Carly) from the moment her laid eyes on her.
  • Davis has saved Kari's life.
  • Davis is jealous of TK who also likes Kari.
  • They are part of the main love triangle of the series.
  • People often make fun of Davis' crush on Kari.

Austin and Ally (Auslly) (From "Austin & Ally")

  • They're best friends.
  • They work together on their music like Carly and Freddie work on the webshow.
  • They have both thought about dating each other but didn't because of their friendship.
  • They always hug.
  • Austin likes Ally.
  • Ally likes Austin.
  • Ally had stage fright, and Freddie is always behind the camera.
  • Austin likes to perform, and Carly is always in front of the camera.
  • They dated for a while.
  • Austin (Freddie) was jealous of Ally (Carly) hanging out or dating other guys.
  • Ally (Carly) was jealous of Austin (Freddie's) girlfriends, or girls he just hung out with.
  • Auslly are back together, but this won't happen with Creddie, since iCarly has ended.
  • They're always there for each other.
  • They're around each other alot.
  • They always help each other out.
  • They have kissed each other more than once.
  • They've shared a slow dance.
  • Austin and Ally shared their first kiss in "Chapters & Choices". (Carly and Freddie shared their first kiss in iSaved Your Life.)
  • Austin and Ally, since the Season 3 episode, "Last Dances & Last Chances", have been together for more than one episode, including Season 4, but Carly and Freddie were together for just one episode.
  • Austin and Ally admitted their love for each other in "Relationships & Red Carpets", like when Freddie said he loved Carly a lot throughout the series.
  • Austin and Ally are in love with each other, like Carly and Freddie were in love with each other.

Yuki and Tohru (From Fruits Basket)

  • They are very close, even confiding deep secrets in each other.
  • Tohru's parents are deceased, like Carly's are absent, and Yuki avoids or never speaks about his parents, like Freddie avoids his mother (especially in earlier episodes) and never speaks about his father.
  • Tohru is very emotional, like Carly.
  • Like Freddie, Yuki gets very worried about Tohru (Carly) whenever she is upset or hurt.
  • Tohru and Carly both act very motherly.

Kyo and Tohru (From Fruits Basket)

  • Tohru is very emotional, like Carly.
  • Tohru's parents are deceased, and thus not part of the main story line in person (though they appear in memories), as Carly's parents are not generally a part of the story line.
  • Kyo is very protective of Tohru, just as Freddie is very protective of Carly.
  • Carly and Tohru can both be very naive, and it is a plot point multiple times.

Max and Roxanne (From "A Goofy Movie")

  • Max (Freddie) has a crush on Roxanne (Carly)
  • Both Max and Freddie have at least one embarrassing parent

Karkat and Nepeta (Nepkat) (From "Homestuck") 

  • Nepeta is in love with Karkat. He says he doesn't care.
  • Karkat tries to be a good nerd. He tries so hard. But Sollux will forever be the better nerd.

Amy and Ricky (From "Secret life of the American Teenager")

  • There is a love square
  • Their relationship would complicate their friendship
  • They have kissed
  • They're secretly in love with each other since the beggining
  • Ricky (Carly) is more popular than Amy (Freddie)
  • Amy is a sweet and kind-hearted girl like Carly

Ellie and Marco (From "Degrassi the Next Generation")

  • They both really care for each other
  • Ellie has a crush on Marco, but it's unrequited because Marco is gay
  • Both have one embarrassing parent

Liesel and Rudy (From "The Book thief")

  • They are best friends and both really care for each other
  • Rudy is secretly in love with Liesel
  • Liesel is very sweet and kind-hearted like Carly

Tamaki and Haruhi (From "Ouran High School Host Club")

  • Tamaki (Freddie) fell in love with Haruhi (Carly) after they became friends.
  • Both are very good friends.
  • Haruhi is kind and level-headed, like Carly.
  • Tamaki has saved Haruhi's life.

Eve and Shane (From "Morganville Vampires")

  • They are best friends
  • Eve has saved Shane's life and Shane also has saved Eve's life
  • Both have at least one embarrassing parent
  • Shane is a brunette like Freddie
  • Shane is very protective to Eve, like Freddie to Carly

Skye and Chase  (From "PAW Patrol ")

  • They are best friends..
  • They both work together in a job they both like, like Freddie and Carly.
  • Mostly rumored, but it is said that Chase does have loving feelings for Skye. Chase has hinted it on many occasions, and people feel that Chase is afraid to ask Skye to date him, like Freddie has on a few occasions.
  • They live next to each other.

Jasmine and Logan (Jogan), (From "I Didn't Do It")

Jogan fist kiss!!
  • They are best friends since childhood
  • Jasmine and Logan are best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time, like Carly and Freddie were.
  • Jasmine and Logan have Chemistry together, like Carly and Freddie had classes together.
  • They're part of a gang
  • Jasmine developed a crush on Logan, similar to how Carly fell in love with Freddie
  • Jasmine (Freddie) has been jealous when Logan (Carly) hung out with or dated other girls.
  • Jasmine and Logan have really strong feelings for each other, like Carly and Freddie had strong feelings for each other.
  • Jasmine (Freddie) has had feelings for Logan (Carly) since the first season, but Logan realized his feelings for Jasmine in Season 2, in the episode, "Falling for... Who?", like Carly realized her feelings for Freddie in the third season, in iSaved Your Life
  • Jasmine and Logan have almost kissed three times. (In "Lindy Nose Best", "Next of pumpkin", and in "Drum Beats, Heart Beats" . (Carly and Freddie were meant to kiss in iSpeed Date).
  • Jasmine and Logan shared a dance in the episode, "Next of Pumpkin" and Carly and Freddie shared a slow dance in iSpeed Date.
  • Jasmine and Logan have both tried to ask each other out. (Jasmine tried to ask Logan out in " Lindy Nose Best" and Logan tried to ask Jasmine out in "Falling for... Who?") and Freddie had tried to ask Carly out a lot, even though she rejected him.
  • Jasmine and Logan are in love with each other, like Carly and Freddie were in love with each other.
  • Logan instantly fell in love with Jasmine in "Falling for... Who?" and Freddie instantly fell in love with Carly as soon as he met her.
  • Jogan start dating in "The Rescuers". (Creddie dated in iSaved Your Life.)
  • It's confirmed Jasmine and Logan are dating in "The Rescuers". (It was confirmed that Carly and Freddie were dating in ISaved Your Life.)
  • Jasmine and Logan date in the series finale, meaning one episode and end the series as a couple. (Carly and Freddie dated for one episode - ISaved Your Life.)
  • Jasmine and Logan are dating. (Carly and Freddie dated.)
  • Logan tells Jasmine he loves her in "The Rescuers". (Fredie had told Carly he loved her many times.)
  • Jssmine and Logan finally admit they love each other in " The Rescuers". (Freddie had told Carly he loved her many times.)
  • Jasmine and Logan share their first kiss in "The Rescuers". (Carly and Fredie shared their first kiss in ISaved Your Life.)
  • The kiss is unblocked
  • The kiss proves their love for each other.
  • They share a kiss in the series finale
  • They have admitted they love each other
  • Jasmine and Logan reveal they want to marry each other in the future. (Carly and Freddie had hinted they wanted to marry each other in the future.)
  • Jasmine and Logan get married in the future. (Carly and Freddie hinted they wanted to marry each other in the future.)

Bella and Edward (from "The Twilight Saga")

Bella & Edward
  • They've known each other for a while
  • Edward (Freddie) has saved Bella's (Carly's) life from a truck
  • They've shared their first kiss
  • They've made out
  • They've kissed more than once
  • They both have brown hair
  • Bella and Edward shared a slow dance at prom, like how Carly and Freddie shared a slow dance in iSpeed Date
  • They fell in love with each other

The Tenth Doctor and Rose ("from "Doctor Who")

Ten & Rose
  • The Doctor (Freddie) has saved Rose's (Carly's) life
  • They've kissed
  • Rose (Carly) fell in love with The Doctor (Freddie)
  • Rose (Carly) has told The Doctor (Freddie) she loved him
  • The Doctor (Freddie) fell in love with Rose (Carly)
  • They're best friends
  • They fell in love with each other

Pharah and Mercy (from "Overwatch")

  • The two work very well together.
  • Mercy is quite smart, similarly to Freddie.
  • They both really care for each other.
  • Pharah is a brunette, like Carly.

Maddie and Josh (Mosh) (from "Liv And Maddie")

Maddie and Josh
  • Josh (Freddie) instantly fell in love with Maddie (Carly) the moment he met her
  • Maddie (Carly) didn't feel the same way at first, but then realized she liked Josh (Freddie) back
  • Josh and Maddie have almost kissed more than once. (Carly and Freddie were meant to kiss in iSpeed Date)
  • They've hugged
  • They've shared a dance in "Choose-A-Rooney" (iSpeed Date).
  • There's a Mosh (Creddie) Arc
  • They've dated
  • They hinted at getting back together
  • Josh (Carly) has cried over Maddie (Freddie)
  • Josh (Freddie) almost died for Maddie (Carly)
  • They have the same color hair
  • Josh (Freddie) has proved his love for Maddie (Carly)
  • Josh (Freddie) has lost Maddie (Carly) to another guy
  • Their portrayers ship the characters in real-life
  • Maddie (Carly) has a brother
  • Josh and Maddie get back together in "Anniversary-A-Rooney" (Freddie and Carly hinted to getting back together)
  • They have kissed (will kiss)
  • Josh (Freddie) has almost kissed/tried to kiss Maddie (Carly) in "Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney" (several times).
  • They really care for each other
  • Maddie (Carly) often bites her lip around Josh (Freddie)
  • Josh (Freddie) has tried to ask Maddie (Carly) out
  • The Mosh (Creddie) color is red, meaning love.

Chuckie and Susie (From Rugrats/All Grown Up!)

  • They are both academically smart.
  • Susie is very nice to Chuckie, and everyone else.
  • Susie has a much older sibling, like Carly.
  • They have been friends since childhood.
  • Chuckie is considered a "nerd" like Freddie.

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