Madisen Hill (born June 16, 1993) is an actress, singer, and dancer appearing in roles for multiple episodes of Live, Life, and Win. She had other TV appearances in shows Rock-a-bye Road Cinema thrills and has also appeared in shorts such as The New Republic. She will also star in the upcoming Television series Madison a show about a girl trying to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer and dancer. [1]

She made an appearance in the iCarly episode iGet Banned.

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  • She appeared at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards as a backup dancer for the Pussycat Dolls.
  • Hill was a featured singer in the short The Randy and Ryan Show.
  • She made a cameo playing a wife and mom, who dies after childbirth in
    Nickelback's Lullaby music video.
  • She is a former teen pageant queen/cheerleader.
  • Hill is from St. Louis, Missouri, but resides in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Madi was the real-life girlfriend of iCarly's own Nathan Kress, whom she met in 2009 at a charity event for Haiti, however the two split up in October 2014 (as reported on Just Jared [2]).
  • She made a cameo in Moi's music video Superman, alongside boyfriend Nathan Kress.
  • Her nickname and what Nathan calls her mostly is Madi.
  • She auditioned for various bit roles on iCarly before until she finally landed a cameo on IGet Banned [3]
  • Her full name is Madisen Ann Hill.
  • She's getting her own TV show called Madison.

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