Marlin is the photographer Spencer ties up with duct tape and leaves out in the apa
Marlin1 ica
rtment hallway in the episode iCarly Awards.

Hired to photograph male swimsuit models for the latest edition of the European Fun Guy calendar, Marlin misses his flight, resulting in his handsome model subjects waiting for him in the Bushwell Plaza lobby. Freddie chats with them for a few minutes before heading up to the Shay apartment to webcast the premiere iCarly Awards ceremony.

When Freddie tells Carly, Sam, and Spencer about the models loitering in the lobby, Spencer assumes they're female and runs downstairs to procure their help in building the doll-like statuettes Carly and Sam will presenting as trophies on the iCarly Awards webcast.

With several awards still left to build, Marlin inconveniently shows up at the apartment to take his models across the street for the long-delayed photo shoot. Spencer begs Marlin to borrow the models for twenty more minutes, but he refuses, as the shoot is already significantly behind schedule.

Spencer then asks to speak with Marlin privately in the hall, and he agrees. Although not shown on screen, Spencer apparently ties up Marlin using duct tape and leaves him out in the hall. Spencer then returns to the apartment and lies to the models that their photographer has allowed them to continue building the statuettes for another half-hour.

Marlin eventually frees himself and crashes the iCarly Awards ceremony at the end of the webcast while his Fun Guy models are Random Dancing with Carly, Sam, and Gibby. Covered in broken pieces of duct tape, Marlin pushes through the dancing throng to find Spencer, who escapes Marlin's wrath by sneaking through the back area of the studio.

Marlin was portrayed by John Burke.


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