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Marty Caruthers was the personal assistant Spencer hires in iBalls. He originally had the job of cleaning up the Pini's bathroom. Marty is seen doing things like giving Spencer a pedicure and pulling out his chair. They have also baked and frosted a cake together. Near the end of the episode, Marty and Spencer share a heartfelt moment, remembering all the good times they've had together. The conversation ends with heavy implications that the two had been doing much more than just searching for money in Spencer's clothes.

His name Marty is revealed in IBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo when Jerry messes up in one of the lines in a scene, where he says,"C'mon Marty, let's go look for my money..." He seems to be very fond of Spencer, and didn't mind shaving his neck or massaging him. He quit so Spencer wouldn't ruin his life by renting half of his room to the tech producer of "Hollywood Download", Dudley. Before leaving, the two have a short flashback.

Marty is portrayed by Jared Hillman.

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