aka The Runther Queen

  • I live in On Mars, baby
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is I'm BFF with SamFreddieLove
  • I am a Christian Girl
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  • Hey! :) I hope all is well with you! :) It's been a while and I miss you a lot! Much love! <3

    in Christ,


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    • Ahah, don't worry! xD

      Anyway, I'm in your same situation... But if have to choose one, my favorite anime is Rossana, even though I prefer to watch american and Italian cartoons...

      Ps: Just a question: There will be a new season of H20? :o

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    • I should look that one up! :) Rossana and Emma both! :D

      I don't think so, no. :o I've heard there will be a spin-off called Mako: Island of Secrets or something like that. :o :D

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  • how have you been? :D

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  • hey! :D i miss you! D:

    i just wondered if you'd seen this! :)

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    • Yeah, I've seen Lolstar's Background... I think it's cool, but I prefer a little the actual background, for now :P Do you really like it?

      Ps: I miss you toooo, sis! <3

      Pss: Have you watched Shake It Up? What do you think about it? :o

      Psss: Is true that Nathans Kress's girlfriend will be on iCarly?? It could be so interesting... :P

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    • i really like the new one, yes! :D ahaha i made it. xD

      i haven't seen Shake It Up. :O is it good? :o

      and i've heard rumours, and i thought they were true, but i'm not actually sure! :o i'm sure it'd be a very ship-deciding episode if it's true, though. :O

      much love! :D -hugs-

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    • Thanks :)

      And you're right, if she will be really on an ipotetic iCarly episode, it could be a very ship-deciding episode...

      I can't wait to watch it!! XD

      And yeah, Shake It Up is a cute tv-show, but most for the pairings XD I support Runther, Tynka and DeCe, our "rivals" are GeCe, Reuce and Cy :P


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  • also, i don't know if i ever told you about this, but i love Lolliver also! :D

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  • I'm pretty great, thank you!! :)

    how are your exams going? :o Psychology is awesome! :D that's what my best friend wants to major in, i believe. :) she believes that God has called her to it. :)

    the news about iCarly, really, is that there was a LOT of Creddie in iStill Psycho, and then in iToe Fat Cakes there was a ton of Spam! :D so i'm pretty happy right now. xD

    Hugs to my sister in Christ! :D love ya! :D

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