Moonlight Twi-Blood

Moonlight Twi-Blood is a short film that spoofs Twilight and similar romantic vampire movies and television shows. The film was shown in the episode 'iPity The Nevel." The film made a lot of girls attracted to Freddie.

The movie starts of as another installment of "The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought the Cowboy's Mustache was a Squirrel, but in this case, the idiot farm girl becomes obsessed with vampires, and craves one as a boyfriend. While the cowboy struggles to convince the idiot farm girl that he's not a vampire, one just happens to walk in the room. That vampire is played by none other than Freddie Benson, and is somewhat reminiscent of Edward Cullen. The vampire walks in slow-motion, interrupted by zips across the room. The farm girl is instantly smitten with him, and invites him to her house. But while he tries to warn her of the dangers of falling in love with him, she pays no attention.

The vampire tries to resist his urge to bite her, by biting into a twinkie instead.

Freddie in Moonlight twi blood

By the end of the sketch, the vampire is not only trying to snub the affections of the idiot farm girl, but also George the Bra.

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