Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit are the parents of Nora Dershlit (an only child). They were not seen in iPsycho because they were on a vacation in Wyoming while Nora celebrated her 16th birthday. In iStill Psycho, they make their first appearance as they aid Nora in helping kidnap the iCarly trio. During the events of iPsycho it could have been assumed that they were neglectful to Nora like the rest of her peers but in iStill Psycho it is revealed that they were just as crazy as their daughter and also care about her, because it iPsycho, it seemed as if they didn't care about their daughter. They are currently incarcerated in prison along with Nora. According to Freddie, Nora's mom is "demented". Mrs. Dershilt seems "okay" that Nora kissed Freddie, possibly because it may have been the only boy Nora has ever kissed.