Ms. Fielder was Carly's art teacher in iMust Have Locker 239 when she went to the Seattle Art Community. She serves a main role towards the end of that episode. She takes a great liking to Carly and her work, until a jealous Spencer comes in to observe her art class (Carly rejected him as an art teacher).

She painted on his face when she got mad he was disturbing the class, and this results in her getting in a paint fight with Spencer, causing Carly and Spencer to be banned from the Seattle Art Community. After Carly and a Spencer settle their argument, a regretful Ms. Fielder arrives, following Spencer's paint trail. As Spencer was going to say sorry, she cuts him off and apologizes because he was right, "In order to be a good artist, one must show spontaneous compassion for art," and asks if he would teach her. They make out in the end, with Mrs. Fielder asking Spencer "Wanna make purple?" (her mouth was red, his mouth was blue from the paint).

K 0001

Spencer kissing Miss Fielder


She only appears in the episode "iMust Have Locker 239."


She was a nice, charming teacher who was quite fond of Carly, but not Spencer, until the end of the episode where she realizes he was right, then she asks Spencer if he could teach her, then kisses him at the end of the episode. Before she liked Spencer, she was angry at him for interrupting the class three times too many, causing her to paint his mouth blue. Then an "infuriated" Spencer paints her mouth red, and they paint each other so much to the point where there whole body is covered with paint. She also hated criticism, which quickly got her angry with Spencer.

She teaches very basic things; in 1 lesson she told students to paint 4 straight lines, and when someone asked if they should connect the lines, she said, "That's next week's lesson."

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