In the episode, iSpace Out, while Carly, Freddie, and Sam were away being tested for iCarly's possible trip to space, Spencer kept seeing a mysterious little girl in the Shay apartment.

He was somewhat crazy by the time Carly returned home, as he was unsure whether or not to believe that the little girl was a figment of his imagination, as he had been told.


He believed that he was going crazy, and when Carly came home, he no longer saw the little girl. However, Carly then saw the little girl herself, but because she had just returned from the space test, in which she had failed miserably (throwing herself out of a window and screaming), she assumed also that the little girl was a figment of her imagination, and therefore said nothing about the child, thinking it is because of "space madness".

The little girl has no known name, and she does not appear on any other episode of iCarly.

She was portrayed by Anna Clark.

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