FANDOM was created when Nevel Papperman grew tired of boring websites on the internet. As a result, he decided to become a web critic at the age of eight. Three years later, on Nevel's eleventh birthday (December 19th, 2007), he bought the domain and started his first review as a web critic.

Like all of the fictional websites mentioned on the show, the actual URL,, will redirect the user to

Splashface Video Reviews and iCarly (2008)

In 2008, Nevelocity came to its glory and fame due to its many reviews on the Splashface videos. Some time later in iNevel, Carly, Sam, and Freddie advertised their webshow (iCarly) at Ridgeway High School. That day, a student told the trio that their webshow 'would only be hot' if it was reviewed on So, the iCarly crew phoned Nevel to give Carly an interview. Instead, Nevel started trying to flirt with her and kissed her. She reacted by 'soiling his face with tapenade', as Nevel quotes. When Nevel gave iCarly a bad review just because Carly 'soiled his face', his mother was told and he had to change it. He hacked afterwards as revenge in iRue the Day.

Appearances on TV

In iMeet Fred, is briefly shown while the iCarly trio are looking at a video on Freddie's laptop. Paparazzi are shown trying to interview Carly about the Fred fight.

In iFight Shelby Marx, Nevel made videos about Carly being a chicken. Nevel bought iCarly by tricking Mandy Valdez into signing the website over in iWant My Website Back. Nevelocity didn't seem to react and was shown advertising Nevel's autograph signing at the Beverly Hills Galvan Hotel. Eventually, though, Carly cleverly retained the domain. Presents... the Beverly Garvin Hotel Singing Expo with Nevel Papperman! (2009)

In iWant My Website Back, Nevel posted on his website that he was signing autographs at the Beverly Garvin Hotel somewhere in the northside of Seattle. Although there was a good support of people for his signing, he charged people money for his autograph. To try and trick Nevel into signing the iCarly URL back to him, Spencer wore a dress pretending to be an old lady that wanted an autograph (his paper was the URL transfer document), but Nevel saw through his disguise and called security on him.


Sam on

Reviewed Shows

Various Splashface shows



Carly Shay vs. Shelby Marx

Webwars: Fred vs. iCarly

Galaxy Wars

Website quotes

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