Nug Nug is a character from the parody series of Star Wars called Galaxy Wars. Nug Nug was introduced in the Drake & Josh episode, "Battle Of Panthatar". Spencer and Freddie are devoted fans of these movies. Nug Nug is a parody of the Jedi Master, Yoda, in Star Wars, as seen in "iCook". In "iHeart Art", Freddie is wearing a Jedi robe to a Galaxy Wars convention and tells Sam he's attending as Nug Nug. In "iCook", Spencer has a vision of the future where Nug Nug hugs him, which actually happens during the end of the episode (see: Spug-Nug).


As seen in "iCook", Nug Nug is a short man with a squeaky voice, somewhat resembling Yoda in appearance. He has a green face and white hair. The back of his head is white with blue dots. He wears a brown Jedi robe that seems to be several sizes too large. He apparently went to the Galaxy Wars convention just before his appearance in "iCook".


Spencer gets a hug from Nug-Nug!


  • In "iCook", Spencer says Nug Nug is from the planet Juveron. However, in "iHeart Art", Freddie said he was from the planet Zorkon.
  • Juveron is a parody of the planet Devaron in the Star Wars galaxy.
  • He might be the protagonist of the show/movies because he is the most mentioned character, and was also referred to "the character from Galaxy Wars", with the word "the" possibly indicating Nug Nug is the main character, or possibly just the most popular/famous character.
  • For some reason, in "iCook", there is a human who acts like his supervisor.

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