Oliver Dixon

Oliver Dixon)

Oliver Dixon is an art critic for the Seattle Tribune.

In iEnrage Gibby, Dixon wrote a negative review of Spencer's artwork, prompting Spencer to gather up as many copies of the newspaper as he could find and shred them, using an "industrial gasoline-powered paper shredder."

After the negative review, the Seattle Tribune also incorrectly claimed that Spencer had died the previous week. This actually worked to Spencer's benefit, since artwork tends to increase in value after the artist's death. Spencer decided to pretend that he really was deceased, in order to sell his sculptures for higher prices.

Believing that Spencer was dead, Oliver Dixon came to the Shays' apartment to offer his condolences. Carly and Sam took the opportunity to obtain revenge on Spencer's behalf, by making Dixon feel guilty for his harsh review of Spencer's sculptures.

Dixon agreed to write another, more positive, review of Spencer's work, and offered to buy one of the sculptures himself. He initially offered $2,000, but after Carly tearfully said, "You killed my brother!", he agreed to pay $4,000.

Oliver Dixon was portrayed by actor Mike McCafferty.

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