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Omar's Pizza is a pizza shop that has been mentioned in Sam's blog on In iFight Shelby Marx you can see an Omar's Pizza box in the background of Sam's living room, while she is talking on the phone. It is also the first time the interior of her home has been seen.

Upper left hand side and Omar's Pizza box is seen


  • Omar's Pizza was also mentioned in the Victorious episode, "The Wood," when Beck calls Omar to buy pizza.
  • They seem to have a "Grande Supreme" that is also mentioned in Victorious. It is heard to have onions on it.
  • There is an Omar's Pizza sign in neon over the iCarly Studio door, as revealed in this Gibby photo:
  • Omar's Pizza was also seen in iBattle Chip as the pizza in the opening scene Sam brought to Carly's apartment and she claims they didn't add the pepperonis, but she really stole them and had them in her pocket.

    Omar's Pizza sign behind Gibby (over iCarly studio door)

  • Omar's is also seen in iBust a thief where Sam looks into the pizza box and finds her laptop.

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