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Pak-Rat is an arcade game developed by Pixel Opus Arcade Inc. that becomes Spencer's new obsession in the episode, iStage an Intervention.

The highest score on the game has been reached by Sasha Striker, which was later topped by Spencer. It is a very addicting game since Spencer and Carly became obsessed with it.

The game can be played here on It is a maze game. You control a rat to eat cheese while avoiding cats, just like controlling Pac-Man to eat dots while avoiding ghosts. Pak-Rat is a very old game, as proven by Spencer when he pulls a dead raccoon out of the machine.


Spencer playing Pak-Rat


  • Pak-Rat is a parody of Pac-Man.
  • A Pack-Rat machine can bee seen inside Funk E. Fester's in the episode iBust a Thief.

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