Papperman House

A map of Papperman House

The Papperman House is where Nevel and his mother lives. The most viewed part of the house was Nevel's computer room (where he's doing his Nevelocity show) and also their living room.

It first appeared in iNevel episode when Nevel invited Carly (with Spencer) for an interview about her web show but instead of interviewing her, Nevel showed Carly some weird stuff and he suddenly kissed her on the cheek, which Carly feel shocked and she smears tapenade on Nevel's face. It reappeared again in iRue the Day episode when Carly, Sam and Freddie sneaked in Nevel's house to crash his website (because Nevel hacked iCarly). In the episodes iGive Away a Car, iWant My Website Back and iFight Shelby Marx, the only part of the house that seen was Nevel's computer room.
  • The Balcony
  • The Main Door and the Living Room
  • Carly and Nevel in the living room
  • Sam and Nevel's grandmother and the Kitchen at the back
  • Carly and Sam in Nevel's computer room
  • The iCarly trio in Nevel's house
  • Nevel in his computer room

The only known residents in this house are Nevel and her mother only, (Nevel's grandmother always visiting here only in holidays).


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