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Pini's is an Italian restaurant Gibby mentions in one of his blogs, where he wears a cape in the men's restroom and has got T-Bo helping him and doing the same thing. Pini's is the place Sam and Freddie go on a date in iDate Sam & Freddie, which they bring Carly along to separate them in the event of a fight. Freddie brings Sam there on their date because they both love Italian food. Pini's is shown to have amazing lasagna.

Pini's is also mentioned in iLove You; Jenna said that Spencer and her went there for dinner and had lasagna.

The Pini's mens bathroom was used for a fake game show that Sam created and hosts called You're In Luck. Spencer, T-Bo, Gibby, Nevel and Freddie have appeared as the Contestants.

In the episode, iBalls, Marty overhears Spencer in the Pini's bathroom talking about how he wants a personal assistant. Spencer gives him the job.

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Carly: [takes Sam's lasagna] I deserve this lasagna.

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