The Premiere Theater was a major setting from Dan Schneider's series Drake & Josh. Drake & Josh took place in San Diego, and thus, the Premiere Theater was stationed there.
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Lillien is thought to be the owner but it is possible to be part of the premiere theatre franchise.

In the iCarly episode iQ, it was revealed that there was another Premiere Theater in Seattle, and that the theater was part of a franchise.
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The Premiere Theatre in San Diego


  • The movie "Ick Glockmah" is said to be Russian, but in the Drake & Josh episode, "We're Married", it is said to be a Yudonian film.
  • Ick Glockmah actually means the goat.
  • The Premiere Theatre is mentioned in Zoey 101 when Zoey waits
  • The list of movies at the PCA theatre are Mick Dolphin and Heart Like A Rabbit
  • The Seattle theatres list is Le Pet(the rest is cut off), Pommade and Ick Glakmah
  • The San Diego's Premiere list is The Empress Fights Back, Cavemom's 2, Monster From The Drain, Prom Mom, Buckets Of Blood and Phat Camp.

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