The Quisp Dance Club (styled as Quisp DANce CLUB) is a dance club somewhere around Seattle where only people under the age of 21 are allowed to go inside.


It has so far only appeared in the episode iTwins where Freddie invited Melanie on a date (to prove that Melanie and Sam are the same person and not twins). This is also the place where they danced and Melanie suddenly kissed Freddie to prove that she was really Melanie and not Sam (they both know that Sam would never kiss him), which caused Freddie to run away, causing Melanie to chase him.

The Quisp Dance Club was never mentioned or seen again.

Melanie and Freddie kiss

Melanie and Freddie kiss


  • The dance club was named "Quisp DANce Club". The capital letters in "dance" is a reference to iCarly's creator, Dan Schneider.
  • One of the dancers who made Freddie spill the drinks, was Sabrina Gibson from iBeat the Heat.
  • Quisp is noticed in the opening credits since season 5.
  • "Quisp" is the first part of Dan Schneider's MySpace username.

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