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Random Jumping is a sketch done by Totally Teri. According to Wendy, her little brother was watching it when she noticed they ripped off Random Dancing. A male voice shouted out, "RANDOM JUMPING!" and music played while they jumped around, strikingly similar to Random Dancing. The sketch was never seen on screen, but his was a parody of iCarly's Random Dancing.

They also copied Messin' with Lewbert (calling it "Messin' with Rupert") and many other iCarly segments. To stop them Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer went to their studio and Carly and Sam took care of the Dingo boys, while Spencer and Freddie went to look for their leader's head (which they found). After whacking one of them several times with a sock filled with butter, they still wouldn't agree to stop copying their segments. So the next day, the iCarly gang came back and told them they would post the pictures of their leader's head, so people would stop watching (because nobody wants to watch a children's channel that keeps their leader's head in a freezer). The Dingo boys got intimidated because they would lose their jobs most likely, and so they agreed to stop copying segments from iCarly.

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