Rich Doctor

The Rich Doctor is a wealthy doctor who hired Spencer to build a labradoodle sculpture as a birthday gift for his wife, in iStage an Intervention.

This man had a great deal of influence in the Seattle Art Community, because his brother owned seven art galleries in Seattle and Vancouver, making him a very important client. Carly warned Spencer to make this doctor happy, and Spencer promised to build him "the best labradoodle in the history of mixed-breed dog sculptures."

Unfortunately, Spencer became so addicted to a Pak-Rat arcade game he found in a junkyard that he had failed to even begin making the sculpture on the day the doctor came to pick it up.

The doctor was furious that the sculpture wasn't ready, as Spencer had promised, but reluctantly agreed to give Spencer another chance. His wife's birthday was the following Saturday, and Spencer promised that he would have it ready by then. The doctor was doubtful but Carly managed to convince him it would be done.

The Doctor's Wife

The doctor's wife.

However, Spencer's addiction to the game took over once again. Eventually, Carly managed to break him away from the game by arranging for him to play Pak-Rat against a champion player, Sasha Striker.

With only nine hours before the doctor was coming for the sculpture, Spencer (with help from Carly, Sam, and Freddie), managed to build it. In the end, the doctor was pleased with the labradoodle sculpture, and more importantly, so was his wife (who screamed twice before running out of the apartment with it). The doctor smiled and handed Spencer a very large wad of cash before leaving.

The doctor was played by Mitch Silpa and his wife was portrayed by Jacky Reres.

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