Rodney Goober is a student who attends Ridgeway High School. He sells merchandise described as "questionable", such as burritos (when he was in detention). Rodney also sells concert tickets, food, and other things. In iDon't Want to Fight, Rodney trades two tickets to a Cuddlefish concert for Sam's iCarly T-Shirt. He also sold Laotian peacock feather tissues to Jeremy for twenty bucks in the same episode.

His nickname is Rip-off Rodney, because of the outrageous prices that he puts on the things he sells.

The only appearances he made were in the Season 1 episodes iDon't Want to Fight and iGot Detention.

In iGot Detention, he got detention for selling fake hall passes. He got caught because he spelled "hall" wrong by using only one "L". In this episode, he says to Carly "Call me Rip-off" when she introduces him to the iCarly viewers.

According to a video on the official iCarly website, his last name is "Goober."

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