Rona Burger was Freddie's girlfriend in the alternate reality in the episode, iChristmas. She was shown to be a very pushy and whiny individual, and even Carly said that nobody liked her. She has not returned or even been mentioned on iCarly since then.

Rona was played by Tabitha Morella.



Freddie Benson

The two were dating and seen holding hands in Carly's alternate universe. Freddie seemed to be very unhappy in the relationship, because Rona was quite mean to him.

She stomped on his foot when he gave her a digital picture frame filled with pictures of the two of them, (which Freddie had apparently worked very hard on), as a Christmas gift. He later gave her the PearPod that she wanted, but instead of thanking him she yelled, "It's about time!"

At the end when Carly regrets saying she wishes Spencer was normal, she is sad and yelling her honest opinion about everybody and when she looks at Rona she says, "And, NO ONE EVEN LIKES YOU!"


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