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  • Being "sassy".
  • Not wanting to talk about "what the goat did".
  • Being claustrophobic.
  • Saying, "Please? For me?" when trying to talk Freddie into something.
  • Constantly telling Sam and Freddie to stop fighting.


  • Having a crush Carly (Seasons 1 and 2).
  • Being weak and nerdy.
  • Speaking random Spanish.
  • Going on about technology when no one else knows what he's talking about.


  • Eating just about everything in sight (especially meat).
  • Constantly hurting Freddie.
  • Being lazy all the time.
  • Insulting people.
  • Using her buttersock.
  • Getting Detention.


  • Making things catch fire, even when it's ridiculous and/or impossible.
  • Shouting/Scream-talking (Note: This may go back to his character on Drake & Josh, "Crazy Steve").
  • Tasting weird things.
  • Dating strange girls that never show up again.
  • Creating strange pieces of artwork out of insane things.


  • Often taking off his shirt (Season 1, 2 and 3)
  • Saying "GIBBEH" in a loud voice on entering a room.
  • Showing off a plastic replica of his own head.

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