These are the blogs Sam posted on

Sam Cleans Her Room

I'd Morph That

I Kinda Started The Whole Thing!

My Detention NIGHTMARE

Orange Toilet Water is Better Than Blue

iWant MY OWN World Record!

iCarly Pop Quiz

Things I've Changed in the School's Computer System

Sam's Insults

What's Different in These Pics?

How to Get Detention by Sam!

Get Spencer to Crush More Stuff!

Earth: All Dressed Up!!

Learn Reuben-ese

My Back-to-School Plan

How I Quit My Suckish Job
53751 2499214883

The Highlight of My Trip!

What's Different in these 2 Pics?

Reasons Why I Am Taking Yoga at School

Griffin's CRAZY New Pics

Look What I Found on Nevel's Website

Fat Cake Madness

Are You a Sam or a Melanie?

My Mom's Ex-Boyfriends and Why They Broke Up

Worst Fortunes Ever!

Jo-Jo the Gigantic Baby

My Tweets from This Week

Lewbert in Pumpkin Form

Worst Thanksgiving Ever

My mom KISSED Santa

My Going Out Routine

What's In My Pageant Bag?

My Deliciously Random Thoughts (From Detention)

The World's Gone Gibby!

I'm Boycotting Omar's Pizza

Summer Fridays are Suckish!

Who Posed It Best?

Lip Sync

My Mom's Rich Ex-Boyfriend

Guppy Eats Spencer's Hair Clippings!

My Mom Is Driving Me Crazy

Sam's Mom FINALLY Watches iCarly

T-Bo's Secret Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe!

12 Days of Christmas Torture


My "Late For School" Excuses

What Gibby Doesn't Know: Part 1

Which iCarly Bit Are You?

We've Been Cartooned!

Why My Mom's BF, the Magician, is NOT Cool!

10 Reasons I Can No Longer Eat Sushi

Happy Un-Thanksgiving!

Sam's Rainy Day Checklist

Make Your Own Gibby Iron On Tee!

iReview Gibby's Card Tricks Blog

Stuff You Can Get For 3 Bucks!

Happy Halfoween!

How to Get Promoted

Happy Father's Day, Mom!

iCarly's Hot Crossword Puzzle

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