FANDOM is the website owned by Sam Puckett (First Sam in iCarly, then another Sam) and created by Freddie Benson. It appeared in the episode iDate a Bad Boy. Sam requested a favor from Freddie, asking if he could make a website for her for $50. He agreed and they signed a contract.


Sam gave Freddie more changes about her website

Sam ordered many changes on her website that made Freddie irritated. He tried to quit but Sam showed him the contract. Because Freddie still wanted to get out of their deal, he ripped up the contract they had made.

Sam later sold the website for $1,000 to a guy who was also named Sam Puckett. Freddie demanded 50% of the money Sam earned, but she told him that he could not have any of the profits since he ripped up the contract.

It links to in real life.

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