The Seattle Super Center is the arena in which Carly and Shelby Marx's CFC exhibition match takes place in the episode iFight Shelby Marx. Thus far, the arena has made only one appearance on the series.

According to Gibby, the popcorn served at the SSC's concession is "aw
Seattle Super Center exterior ifsm

In his blog, Dan Schneider offers several "fun facts" about the Seattle Super Center:

  • "I think you'll be impressed with how completely real this whole scene looks - the big fight scene inside the Seattle Super Center. You won't often see this level of production value in a sitcom."
  • "Isn't it cool that in the big wide shot, you actually see Carly, Sam Freddie, and Spencer (in their yellow jackets) on the big Jumbo-Tron hanging from the ceiling?"

In the same blog entry, Dan further reveals that the "backstage" area of the Seattle Super Center is really "an actual area of our building where we shoot iCarly. We just 'dressed' it to make it seem like an area of the Seattle Super Center." The Seattle Super Center held famous matches including CFC World Championship Matchs between Shelby Marx Vs Hayley Marshall. The two would fight three more times with Hayley winning all three.


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