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Ikiss This user ships Seddie!!!
- Code: Seddieshipper
SeddieLove This user is a Seddie Warrior!!! and ships it forever no matter what!
- Code: SeddieWarrior
Like This user will always love Seddie no matter what!!!
- Code: SeddieForever
Seddie-sam-and-freddy-6773336-314-301 This user is a Seddie Warrior!!!
- Code: SeddieWarrior2 

Seddie love!!!

- Code: Seddielove

This user will always ship Seddie and will always do and will never, EVER convert to another ship, you know this is the best ship! ^.^

- Code: SeddieAlways
SeddieL This user KNOWS that Seddie is the best ship on iCarly!
-Code: BestShip
Seddie4good This user *awwed* the moment Freddie and Sam kissed
- Code: SeddieLover
SeddieSideLook This user is a 100% Seddie Super Fan!
- Code: SuperSeddieFan
SeddieHeadShoulderCute This user cant get enough of Seddie!!!
- Code: MoreSeddie
Seddie This User ships Seddie 4eva!
- Code: Seddie 4eva
Nevieischeessyy This user Loves Seddie and can't get enough of it!♥ SEDDIE WARRIOR!
- Code: SeddieFanForGood
Seddiebernie6 This user has OSD!
- Code: OSD
180px-Seddieschool This user is OWS!
- Code: OWS
Seddieiptn14 This user knows Sam loves Freddie
- Code: Sam loves Freddie
Icarly-ipity-nevel-12 "I know you love Sam , Freddie!"
- Code: Freddie loves Sam
Seddieantonio30 They can deny it all they want, we know the truth
- Code: Seddie Truth
Seddie This user thinks that we need more Seddie!!!!
- Code: Need More Seddie
Ikiss Seddie!!!
- Code: Miniseddieshipper
2963325981 d6551628341 This user loves the Seddie Love/Hate relationship!
- Code: LoveHate
154952 109729199096622 100001786271106 62327 3024230 n This User is going to tickle a Pinapple!!!
- Code: TickleAPinapple
Seddiemeatgolf2 This User Likes Playing Meat Golf!
- Code: MeatGolf
Seddie 70 This user wants some Bacon!
- Code: Bacon
Tumblr ljghtrsJ4i1qim2f4o1 400 This user loves the iomg Kiss!!!
- Code: IOMGkiss
207539 114019135347299 100002176380830 130985 4801260 n This user thinks Seddie is the most amazing ship on iCarly!!
- Code: SeddieAmazing
Tumblr ll309jqoM51qeomoho1 500 This user is a Certified Seddie Shipper!
- Code: Certified Seddie Shipper
Seddie300535198 This user KNOWS Freddie Loves Sam!
- Code: FreddielovesSam
Kiss525 This user screamed SAY WHAA?? when the Seddie iOMG kiss happened
- Code: WHAA?
Seddie123 This user knew Sam was going to kiss Freddie before iOMG Aired!
- Code: Seddie Kiss iOMG
IOMG Kiss 2 Wake up and smell the girlfriend, Benson!
- Code: GirlfriendBenson
Fear This user's FAVORITE Seddie song is What Hurts The Most by Rascall Flatts!
- Code: FSSWhatHurtsTheMost
Hug o This user loved the Seddie hug! And in sparkly colors!
- Code: LovetheHug!
Seddieiomgkiss10 This user thinks never is a strong word!
- Code: Neverisastrongword
00517rq5 This user knows he secretly ♥'s it!
- Code: He Loves It
Thislookklol4 He wishes he was dancing with Sam.....
- Code: Wishes Of Dancing
Ep-ispeed-date She wishes that she was in Carly's place.
- Code: DancingWithFreddie
10 This user can't wait for iDate Sam & Freddie!
- Code: IDate Sam and Freddie
ISafw13 This user loves the Seddie guy in iStart a Fanwar!
- Code: SeddieGuy
Omg This user wants to see iLost My Mind NOW!!!!!
- Code: ILostMyMind
Meat! Mighty Seddie Meat Warriors Unite!
- Code: MamaLovesMeat
-282 This user loves to play Boomba!
- Code: Boomba

Datethedork This user knows Sam wants to date the dork!!!
- Code: DateTheDork
00111 This user hits the *applause* button for Seddie!!!
- Code: SeddieApplause
-68 This user loves the Seddie Moments from the past, present and future!
- Code: SeddieMoments
Seddie Kiss Timeline This user LOVES all of the Seddie kisses even if they haven't happened as yet! <3
- Code: SeddieKisses
IOMG Kiss 2 This user OMG'd when they saw the Seddie kiss in iOMG! <3
- Code: OMGwatchingiOMG
002dk2bx This user wants you to ship Seddie, pretty please. :D
- Code: SeddieShipPlead
-219 This user knows that Freddie can't run from love!

Code: Can'tRun

Seddie100 This user knows that even when they fight, they still love each other!

Code: FightLove

-59 This user thinks we need another Seddie hug!

Code: SeddieHug

Seddie 293 This user was pleasantly shocked by the iOMG kiss!

Code: ShockKiss

Gif 3 This user is glad that Sam finally made a move on Freddie!

Code: MakeAMove

Seddiearmwrestle This user loves arm wrestling!

Code: ArmWrestling

Seddie10ff Don't be confused! Red + blue = purple!

Code: PurpleSeddie

Freddieswithsam1 This user loves it when Freddie agrees with Sam!

Code: SeddieAgree

Import 000405 This user loves ribs!

Code: RibLove

Iptnseddie4 This user knows the vampire voice really does work on Sam!

Code: VampireVoice

Eaating1 This user thinks Seddie + Chinese food = AWESOME!

Code: SeddieChinese

Seddieiomgsp1-2 This user wonders why Freddie knows what Sam feels like!

Code: SeddieTouch

2963325981 d6551628341 This user would pay nine billion dollars for more Seddie kisses!

Code: KissingBooth

Seddie 282 This user remembers the fudge!

Code: RememberTheFudge

Seddie 117 This user thinks Seddie and pineapples are better together!

Code: PineappleLove

Seddie 450 This user will always remember Seddie's first kiss!

Code: AlwaysRemember

Seddie This user knows it was more than to "just get it over with"
Code: OverWith

Seddie 417 This user thinks Seddie has come a long way!

Code: SeddieBeginning

Seddie 486 This user loves this Seddie moment!

Code: Check!

SeddieBadecabbieKissesPizap1 This user ships Seddie, Bade and Cabbie!

Code: SeddieBadeCabbie

Seddieafterkissiomg2 This user thinks it's time for Sam and Freddie to stop playing the game!

Code: EndTheGame

320475310 This user loves to see Seddie kisses
{C}Code: Seddie Kisses
319669975 The user "awwed" when they found out Sam and Freddie are finally dating
{C}Code: Sam and Freddie dating
ILMM! This user is excited to Sam and Freddie in a relationship in Season 5
{C}Code: Seddie relationship Season 5
Lmlofj-b78805059z.120110610173349000grpvur2c.1 This user wants to Sam and Freddie double date with Carly and her boyfriend
{C}Code: Sam and Freddie double date with Carly
Seddiecolorip2 The user loves when Sam and Freddie wear red, blue and stripes
{C}Code:Seddie color/pattern
Seddiecolorip2-2 The user has the same style as Sam in Season 5
{C}Code: Season 5 Sam and Freddie
Michelle-Obama-In-iCarly-FIRST-LOOKseddie2 The user was as shocked as Seddie to see Michelle Obama
{C}Code: Seddie/Michelle Obama
SF320665309 Sam and Freddie are in love
{C}Code: Seddie in love
-282 This user loves the Seddie games!
Code: SeddieGames
23ilmmseddie This user is excited for the Seddie date
Code: Seddie Date
Seddie 417 This user hopes you have sweet Seddie dreams!
Code: SeddieDream

Seddie 417 This user has Seddie dreams
Code: SDreams
73917 1321399500seddie This user loves hearing Sam & Freddie sing together!
Code: Seddiesing
Whattheseddie This user's new catchphrase is "WHAT THE SEDDIE!"
Code: whattheseddie
73443 2676654945seddie This user wants to hear a Seddie duet!
Code: Seddieduet

Seddie!!! This user lost its mind waiting for iLost My Mind!!!!
Code: Lost mind
Tumblr lpmnobB8QD1qb46bzo1 500 This user knows that they have lost their mind!
Code: LostMind
Nickelodeoncruise (1) This user always screams SEDDIE!
SHH Secret is gonna come out eventually, Sam... We know you and Freddie kissed!
Code: Shh Seddie
This user thinks Freddie will pick Sam!
Code: MakeaChoice
200px-IOMG kiss edited Seddie has a special place in this user's heart. <3
ForeverSeddieNeveischeese This User Loved Seddie in The Past Present and Forever Future☼
Code: AlwaysSeddie
-3 This user's OTP is Seddie!!!!
Code: SeddieOTP
Likehatefreddie This user likes Freddie, but hates him at the same time.
Code: LikehateFreddie
Code: SEDDIE!!!
Seddiejathanmemphisburger This user loves sandwiches!
Code: SeddieSandwich
Seddie103 This user loves fish!
Code: SeddieFish
-153 The user loves meatballs!
Code: SeddieMeatball
-3 Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.
Code: QuoteLoveHate
ISafw13 This user shouts "SEDDIE" all the time!
Seddie This user is addicted to Seddie!!!
Code: SeddieAddiction
Seddieihaiicarly - Copy You've reached the profile of a HUMONGOUS Seddie shipper.
Tumblr lph96vvNCw1qesmejo2 500 Watch it, Freddifer!
Code: WatchItFreddifer
SeddieWalk This user can't wait for the Seddie PDA in iLost My Mind
Tumblr lpwir59HCa1qdb0fh This is this users FAVORITE kiss!
Code: FavKiss
Tumblr lq10kbcYVs1qh9u5n This user loves that Sam's sharing food with her boyfriend Freddie
Code: SeddieShare
Seddie 486 This user gives a check for Seddie!
Code: SeddieCheck
Sam and Freddie Kiss - iDSAF This user wants iDate Sam & Freddie NOW!!!
Code: iDS&FNow
SFsmoothiesip This user loves that Sam and Freddie are sharing a smoothie together!
Code: SeddieSmoothieShare
Rsa "Sam loves Freddie! Sam loves Freddie!"

Yes,Carly Sam indeed does love Freddie (:


Tumblr lrepu2ZlvQ1r1vearo3 500 This user LOVES Pini's lasagna!

Code: Pini's

Tumblr lrc88g7pq31qepm1e This user loves how they skipped off, holding hands

Code: HandHolding

Tumblr lrc3sn8wWP1qesmejo1 500 This user LOVES how Freddie put his arm around Sam!

Code:Freddie's Arm

Tumblr lroa0puM8j1qgr7d5 This user's favorite Seddie kiss was the second iCan't Take It kiss!


Tumblr lrozlkqmPd1qesmejo2 250 This user thinks that this was an awesome kiss.
Code: AwesomeKiss

This user will always ship Seddie and will always do and will never, EVER convert to another ship, you know this is the best ship! ^.^

Code: SeddieAlways
Tumblr ls1zplpgE61qesmejo4 500 They really look like they broke up.
Code: iLYKiss


This User loves to make pictures of Sam and Freddie!
Code: SeddiePictures
101Doof This user has loved Seddie since the first episode <3
Code: FirstSeddie
Ilove-you-12 This user wants Sam and Freddie to get back together!
Code: SeddieDateAgain
Pictures This user Loves every single Seddie kiss!
Code: This User Loves Every Single Seddie Kiss
IOMG KISS Back off girls,he's all mine!
Code: Backoffgirls
Jnhug111611 This user <3 SEDDIE BENNETT
Code: SeddieBennett
Seddiereignsfromabove Seddie is a gift from God.
Code: SeddieGift
Shays This user believes the Shay siblings KNOW that Seddie is forever!
Code: ShaysSeddieShippers

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