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Shawn Hillard is a very smart student at Ridgeway High School. He is a member of the Mathletes. It is suspected that he may have a crush on Carly, or that his mother believes he is gay and wants Carly to pretend to stop his mother from questioning his sexuality, due to a conversation between them in IHave My Principals:

  • Carly: "Any ideas how to get rid of Howard and Briggs?"
  • Shawn: [raises his hand]
  • Carly: "Shawn?"
  • Shawn: "If I find a way to get rid of Briggs and Howard...would you consider being my girlfriend?"
  • Carly: "If you figure out a way to smooth out the whole Middle East, I won't be your girlfriend."
  • Carly: "Does anyone else have an idea?"
  • Shawn: [raising his hand] "Will you be my girlfriend for just one hour to prove to my mother that--"
  • Carly: "No, Shawn!"

Shawn is portrayed by Matthew Moy who currently stars in the CBS hit sitcom "2 Broke Girls".


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