Socko's family consists of many people, all of which have names related to their occupations.


Socko: Owns a sock company and is one of Spencer's best friends.

Tyler: Socko's brother who makes cool ties.

Mary: Socko's cousin, who Spencer apparently had a crush on (according to a blog on She was mentioned when she got married and Spencer was invited to the wedding.

Socko's Grandma: Socko's grandma is the only member of his family who does not have a name related to her occupation. She went camping with Spencer and her grandson (Spencer seems to think she will protect them from any bears they may incounter). She seems to be good friends with Spencer, as she took him to the Mexican Ballet and they watch "Cops" together most Saturdays.

Taylor: Socko's brother who made Spencer a tuxedo so his Grandma could take him to see the Mexican Ballet.

Penny: Socko's sister who makes all the penny tees seen on iCarly (with the notable exception of most from iSell Penny Tees)

Bernie: Socko's cousin who is a depressed welder who has appeared multiple times on the webshow.

Otto: Is a used car salesman.

Dr. Paxil: Socko's uncle-in-law who is a psychiatrist. His name is a reference to the anti-



Rob in his first and only appearance

Rob: People pay him to steal things. He actually made an appearence in the episode iGive Away a Car.

Arty: Is an artist. Sam hired him to "cartoonify" He is Socko's cousin.

Freight Dog: Socko's uncle who travels the word delivering freight (such as possi) around the world. His plane does not have a bathroom, but he keeps 

separate bucket for ladies and men.

Hunter: Is an Explorer. He lent Spencer the camofage jumpsuit he wore in iBelieve In Bigfoot. He is also mentioned in iFind Spencer Friends as being on Safari with Socko. He is Socko's brother-in-law, though in iFind Spencer Friends Carly refers to him as Socko's cousin.

Isaac: Is an optometrist.

Boomer: mentioned in iQ. He works with explosives and gave Spencer a charge of C-4 to open a safe Spencer found at the junkyard.

Jean: Socko's cousin who ironically is allergic to denim and hates khakis, which means her only option is to wear obnoxious leggings.

Ryder is Socko's cousin who was mentioned in iGoodbye. His hobby seems to be riding motorcycles, which is the reason for his name and for Socko wanting to give him a motorcycle.

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