Stuart "Spanky" Stimbler is the childhood bully of Spencer Shay back in Sleep-Away Camp. In the episode, iStakeout, he came to Carly and Spencer's apartment to look for the clerk that the police believed to be selling pirated DVDs. He continued to bully Spencer while staying at his apartment. He also has a bratty son from his previous wife. Spencer handcuffed Spanky to a couch and spanked him as revenge for spanking him at Sleep-away Camp, as well as his treatment of him during the stakeout of the shop. He is an undercover cop. Spanky is portrayed by Ryan Matthews.


Spanky appears to be mean and rude by spanking people for no exact reason which explains how he got his nickname, Spanky. Not much is known about him, except that he and Spencer had known each other at camp when they were young. No one knows why he spanks people so often, but it is most likely for comedic purposes, and because of the pun with his name.

Spanky's Son

Spanky's son

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