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Where are my legs and arms??!!!

Splatter Man is another masterpiece created by Spencer.

It is a mannequin with disproportioned limbs in an odd pose that is splattered with many different shades and colors of paint. Carly helps Spencer paint it in the episode, iLike Jake. It is also featured in iHeart Art, when it is showcased on iCarly.

Though Splatter Man has never been seen with his head, Spencer made a plaster cast of his own head, which he intended to attach to the sculpture. While in the mold, Spencer had to eat, drink, and breath through special tubes.


Spencer: What kind of punch did I buy?

Spencer: You know if I looked like this *poses like Splatter Man*

Splatter Man

The Splatter Man


Carly next to Splatter Man. His arm is cut off

73702 1637871680 "Finish your rapping!"
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