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Steven with Carly

Steven Carson was Carly's (now ex) boyfriend in the iCarly/Victorious Crossover, iParty with Victorious. Steven's parents are divorced--his mom lives in Seattle and his dad lives in Los Angeles--but his parents have joint custody, so Steven switches off every month between LA and Seattle. Due to switching off every month with his parents, Steven's home schooled, but he's very smart and well-adjusted to teen social settings.

Carly appears to love him very much, but after three months of dating him, she finds out that he's also dating Tori Vega in Hollywood. When she tells Tori about it, they team up to expose him as a cheater live on iCarly, and they both break up with him.

When Carly informs the viewers of iCarly that Steven is her ex-boyfriend (putting emphasis on the EX) Steven said, "Ex...?" like he was expecting it a little, but when Tori informs him that she, too, is breaking up with him, he suddenly cries out, "EX?!" like he doesn't believe it. This may be that Steven was more into Tori than he was into Carly, or he just didn't expect to lose two girlfriends in one night (possibly both).


To tie-in with iParty with Victorious, and posted two separate blogs describing Steven, with various hints that connected iCarly and Victorious. In both Carly's and Tori's blog his name is spelled with a "v", however in sneak peek number 2, as Carly is looking at his picture with Tori on, his name is spelled with a "ph." In the actual episode at this scene, however, his name was fixed to a "v."


Steven with Tori

According to Carly's blog...

  • Steven's nose gets pink when he's embarrassed.
  • He's "incredibly smart," telling Carly about how each state got its shape.
  • He's really flexible.
  • According to Steven, the "V" in his name stands for Victorious. Carly doesn't know why...
  • He doesn't use internet slang and is described as being "sophisticated" by Carly.

According to Tori's blog...

  • He has TWO zippers on his jacket pocket. Why isn't one zipper enough? Is he greedy?
  • He never wants to watch iCarly with Tori -- which is weird because it's like everyone's favorite show.
  • His second toe is bigger than his first. Someone once said that's a sign of intelligence. Of course that "someone" was Sinjin, and no one should listen to Sinjin.
  • He thinks living in two states makes him really cool. Tori would agree if she didn't have to share him with Washington.
  • He's extremely camera shy -- he really doesn't like his picture taken. He doesn't even have a SplashFace account!

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