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Terrene is a student at Ridgeway High School who only appears in "iSpy a Mean Teacher" and "iDon't Want to Fight" for a few seconds per episode. In "ISpy a Mean Teacher," Carly says everytime she talks to Terrene she feels as she has to take a nap after she talks to her. This is probably because she is hyperactive and talks extremely fast. She is a fan of Cuddlefish. Carly goes to a Cuddlefish concert in iDont Want to Fight. No one is sure if she is going to appear on iCarly again. She is one of the many characters who was apart of the first or second season and never returned, such as Rodney, Wesley, Jeremy, Wendy and Valerie.


  • Appears in iSpy a Mean Teacher and iDon't Want to Fight
  • Cuddlefish fan
  • Closer to Carly than to Sam, Freddie or Spencer.
  • Might not have many friends
  • Talks REALLY fast
  • goes with Sam to the Cuddlefish concert instead of Carly


ISpy a Mean Teacher- She was talking to the gang about Mr. Stern crowdsurfing.

IDon't Want to Fight- She was thanking Sam for taking her to the Cuddlefish concert.