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The Space Hamster

The Alien, The Space Hamster, and the Burrito is a claymation and stop motion film, made by Spencer Shay, featured in iHate Sam's Boyfriend episode. Originally intended to be 10 minutes long, it ended up being only 20 seconds long due to interference from Sam Puckett's boyfriend, Jonah. The video is exactly what it sounds like.

Final Film Plot

The hamster says, "I am a space hamster". [A burrito drops from the sky], and the alien says, "Burritos are food". The End.

Original Plot

After the alien and the space hamster say some lines, they go into the alien's UFO to search for the Ultimate Burrito in the galaxy.

-This plot couldn't make it because the film's remaining 9 minutes and 40 seconds were ruined when Jonah ripped off the alien's arm and placed it off the animation set.


  • Space Hamster: I am a space hamster. (burrito drops from the sky)
  • Alien: Burritos are food.
    The Alien, The Space Hamster and the Burrito00:18

    The Alien, The Space Hamster and the Burrito

    Spencer's claymation movie, 'The Alien, The Space Hamster and the Burrito'

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