Beverly Garvin exterior ifsm

The Beverly Garvin Hotel is the name of a fancy hotel and convention center in iCarly's Seattle. Dan Schneider has said that he got the name for the building from a similar hotel in Los Angeles - "where they frequently have autograph signings with low-level celebrities."

So far, the hotel has made only two appearances in the show. Its first appearance was in the episode iWant My Website Back as the location for Nevel Papperman's autograph signing session. Later in Season Two, it is the hotel in which Carly and Shelby Marx hold a joint press conference promoting their upcoming CFC exhibition match in iFight Shelby Marx.

In his blog, Dan Schneider gives the following "fun fact" about the Beverly Garvin Hotel:

"The exterior night shot of the hotel is what's known as a 'stock shot'. That means we, Schneider's Bakery, didn't film it ourselves. We bought (rented) it from a company that supplies stock shots to movies and TV shows for a price. Then our visual effects artists ADDS the light-up sign to the shot, so it says THE BEVERLY GARVIN HOTEL. Looks 100% real, doesn't it? No matter how much TV I produce, I always still get a kick out of that kind of stuff."

Dan has stated that he filmed the scene where Nevel signs autographs in iWant My Website Back "in the actual LOBBY where I work -- where we produce iCarly" and that the staircase in that same scene, in reality, leads to the bathrooms the show's writers and other building staff use.


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