Int restaurant icar

The inside of the Cheesecake Warehouse.

Gibby and salad

Sam and Reuben at the Cheesecake Warehouse

The Cheesecake Warehouse
is a restaurant first mentioned (and seen) in the episode iWin a Date. This restaurant is likely to be a parody of The Cheesecake Factory.

It is shown to serve unusually large portions of food, as seen by the gigantic salads and desserts that Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, Shannon, and Reuben were served. Sam was the only one who was able to finish her salad.

The Cheesecake Warehouse is a parody of the restaurant franchise The Cheesecake Factory and the restaurant chain The Spaghetti Warehouse. The Cheesecake Warehouse was mentioned in iTwins. After, Carly and Sam showed the "Gullible Freddie" video, Carly pranks Freddie by telling him that she would give him a coupon to the Cheesecake Warehouse, but it turns out that the coupon was only lettuce.


  • The iCarly gang never paid before they left. Gibby was likely to have to pay the bills, for the ending of the episode was the group gone and Gibby and some girl dancing on the table top.
Large salad

Freddie is shocked by the size of his salad.

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