The Jungle Gym is the place where Shelby Marx is doing her boxing training. It appeared in iFight Shelby Marx episode where she is preparing for her fight with Carly, who is jokingly tried to challenged Shelby but she is deeply anxious with it.

ICarly S02E20

Shelby's boxing training

Carly went to this place to befriend and to apologize to Shelby for what happened for her grandmother (who fell on the stage during the press conference). This is also the place when Nevel tried to traduced Carly to Shelby and showed her his edited video about how Carly and Sam planning to push Shelby's grandmother off the stage.
Ifightshelby nevel

Nevel traduced Carly in front of Shelby

IFight Shelby Marx Carly and Shelby

Carly befriended Shelby

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