The Sack
is an iCarly sketch spoofing television commercials for the Snuggie and Forever Lazy, except this parody has no sleeves.

It was shown only in the episode iThink They Kissed (the online version from Nickelodeon's official iCarly website is longer), starred the entire iCarly Crew plus Spencer, and contained two unidentified women; one to narrate the commercial, and one to compliment the cast's sacks.

Also, if you order now, you'll get a picture of a 1996 penny. You can get one by calling 1-555-SEND-ME-A-SACK or by going to In real life, redirects you to

The Sack

The Sack is made of a thick, luxurious fabric of some sort.


  • Rash Red
  • Mucus Green
  • Pus Yellow
  • Blue

Things To Do With The Sack

  • Making Dinner
  • Surfing the Web
  • Showering
  • Enjoying Hot Bowls of Chowder

    "Order now and we'll send you this photo of a 1996 penny."

  • Many other things, such as
  • Poking Spencer with your nose, because your hands are unavailable
  • Going shopping, except you'd probably get charged with a fine for knocking over a shelf of tomato sauce
  • Looking at your photo of a 1996 penny
  • Playing with your pet in its Pet Sack


The girl who compliments the iCarly crew on their sack is played by Molly Tarlov, who is best known for playing Sadie Saxton on the MTV series Awkward.