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The Shadow Hammer is the criminal who robbed The Groovy Smoothie in the episode iSam's Mom.

He goes to the places he robs beforehand and cuts all the wires on the security cameras, so he is not captured on video. This changes when Freddie uses his spy glasses to record footage of The Shadow Hammer in action, while originally trying to record some girls on tape. He stole over $200 from the Groovy Smoothie. On TV, T-Bo is asked how he feels about the Shadow Hammer and how he might come for revenge, so he says the truth that it was Freddie.

At the end of the episode, The Shadow Hammer goes to Bushwell Plaza, looking for Freddie while trying to find Apartment 8-D, much to Freddie's horror, but fails to find Freddie. Spencer had swapped the 8-D sign with another apartment, as it was the only way to get Mrs. Benson and Freddie to go back and live in their apartment.

He is portrayed by WWE professional wrestler Aaron Aguilera.


  • The Shadow Hammer has similarity to the "Theater Thug" from Drake & Josh, another DanWarp show.
  • The Shadow Hammer also appears in the Victorious episode, A Film By Dale Squires.

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