The Training Bros is a club for model trains. Ten boys are part of this, including Freddie. Carly tells Freddie and Sam to explore each other's interests so Freddie brings Sam to the next meeting. Apparently, girls are not allowed in the club, so one of the boys tries to throw Sam out. Sam squeezes his wrist until he becomes unconscious. The boys like to be punctual, so they get upset when Freddie is late. Each boy blows a whistle and has a cap on at each meeting, where as Sam is not pleased. They also like Fig Nooters and milk, so they eat them as snacks. Freddie gets kicked out due to the explosion caused by Sam. (Or as they call her "His female")


Sam about to crash the model trains.


Sam and Freddie


Sam making one of the members unconscious.


Sam and Freddie flirting

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