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Them rolling the Jack-O-Lantern

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The Trick-or-Treaters are the kids that arrive at Carly's apartment for trick-or-treating who only appear in iScream On Halloween. Although Spencer keeps telling them he doesn't have candy, they don't listen and torment him. He tries to compensate by giving them whatever he had around the house (such as boiled eggs, wires, batteries), but they wouldn't cooperate. They made a racket and someone made a noise complaint. Lewbert came up and let them in apartment 8-C (Spencer's apartment) when they said they needed to beat up "some dude" and found him in a giant pumpkin. They got as far as throwing him in the streets (while he is wrapped in a Pumpkin right to the ocean). Luckily alive but disgusted, he arrives in the middle of iCarly and says "Never forget to buy candy on Halloween." They were also mentioned in iMeet The First Lady.


Snapshot 2 (6-29-2012 5-31 PM)
  • Boy dressed as Frankenstein
  • Boy dressed as Tom Sawyer
  • Boy dressed as a wizard
  • Boy dressed as a mobster
  • Girl dressed as a fairy
  • Boy dressed as Noah
  • Girl dressed as a vaudeville actress
  • Girl dressed as a cowgirl
  • Girl dressed as a winning wrestler
  • Girl dressed as a genie
  • Girl dressed as Tiger Lily
  • Boy dressed as Al Capone
  • Girl dressed as a rainbow
  • Boy dressed as a pirate
  • Boy dressed as a bartender

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