The Valerie Show

Valerie struggles to keep her webshow running.

The Valerie Show is a webshow that Freddie's ex-girlfriend Valerie hosts in the episode iWill Date Freddie. She used Freddie as her tech producer so she can have the most popular webshow on the internet, which would be even better than iCarly. She tried to get Sam to join, but she told Carly and they talked to Freddie, who then he broke up with her. When we see her show at the end of the episode, she tried to show a video of her and her family on a trip to Idaho, but the monitor fell on her head, after which Carly, Freddie, Sam, and probably Spencer laughed at her. It is not known what happened to the Valerie Show after that. It's even possible that the show crashed and burned, falling off the face of the Internet. It happened on a Tuesday as this is the day iCarly is on.

Note: When you type in "" on the address bar, as usual, it automatically goes to

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