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Theodore Wilkins is the vice chairman of the iWeb Awards in the episode iGo to Japan. Theodore informs the iCarly crew via v-mail that his organization has nominated their webshow for Best Comedy and then invites the trio to participate in the iWeb Awards live competition at a location to be determined. Apparently, Theodore is a hot dog aficionado.

Stranded by rival nominees Kyoko and Yuki on the outskirts of Tokyo, Freddie, Carly, and Sam are unable to make their performance slot on the awards show schedule. Expressing his disappointment at the iCarly no-show, Theodore directs his assistant to mark iCarly as a forfeit and move on with the broadcast.

Theodore manages to save the day when he recognizes Sam and Carly on the iWeb Awards big screen as they perform an impromptu skit about their Japanese misadventures for the obtuse iWeb Awards security guards. Tracking down the girls and Freddie in the utility room near the control booth, Theodore personally escorts the iCarlies to the main stage. Before leaving, he orders some cranberry juice for the security guard who complained of a bladder infection.

Theodore was played by Michael Butler Murray [1]

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