• Guess who's having a baby?!?!???!?

    I'm at dinner so we'll have to discuss later tonight.

    But all I can say.....Nondon has no fucking clue what's coming.

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      In probably the first week of that baby's birth Nondon will drop the baby off at his parents house because they can't handle it and then go on vacation cause the need a "break"

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    • OH MY GOD...

      Is this even worth bringing up to the rest of them? I really don't feel like following any of Nondon's shenanigans anymore but at the same time this is like a trainwreck I can't look away from...

      I think I'm gonna be sick.

      Anyway, I'd still like to hear your thoughts on other things not related to this. I'll be available for chat after dinner... xP

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    • Yeah, I'll be home like around 9 (EST....I think that's for both of us). We don't have to mention this to the others, but I'm sure someone will bring it up. And I'd love to discuss other things (but can we discuss this too lmao)

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    • Ugh, I wish you'd be free sooner. I don't wanna be stuck with all these thoughts and feels for 2 and a half hours! >.<

      In the mean time, @Epic made an epic crack: he promotes the baby more than his own movies "Coming January 2018"

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    • And he probably will continue to do so. We're going to hear about this baby for like the rest of his life, which usually happens.

      The problem is, this baby isn't a baby made out of love and want, but out of duty, obligation and pressure.

      And I wish I was too!!! You can keep me updated and I can respond on here once in awhile until I can FULLY chat

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    • lmao

      So either Jennette's in a good mood, or she's mocking them.

      And London replies thinking they're friends. Lol, they went to a baseball game once.

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    • I think we both know it's the latter... ;)

      I kinda felt sorry for Londy there, she seemed genuinely hurt/taken aback by the comment....

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    • Yeah, well it took Nathan years for him to realize Jennette hated him so.....

      I don't know why Jennette bothers. Like, she doesn't have to say anything at all. She hates Nathan, that's fine! Nathan's coocoo, but she can hate him for her own ridiculous reasons. But she goes out of her way to make fun of them to their faces (figuratively).

      But I guess it doesn't really matter to them, they are loving all the attention they're getting:,

      "Gonna go search for car seats and diaper cream!" Ya know, I'd take that as them just being excited if I didn't know that they really think that a baby is just about buying car seats and diaper cream and that the idea of actually raising a human being is completely over their heads.

      It's gonna be the wedding video all over again with them flaunting all the shopping & baby shower stuff.

      BTW, Madisen also tweeted this:  I mean, she's not wrong, but I don't think she was wanting babies right away anyway if she was to marry Nathan. She wanted the Kress name to be a superstar first, then kids could follow.

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