Totally Teri is a TV show on the Dingo Channel that stole ideas from iCarly. This was mentioned in the episode, "iTake On Dingo".


Not much is known about Totally Teri, but the character Teri is meant to draw comparions to Carly. You can also hear a boy's voice in the background, there's also a male character, presumably a Freddie rip-off. Totally Teri is likely to be a sitcom with the protagonist being a girl named Teri. The Totally Teri writers rip off iCarly using sketches such as "Random Jumping" ("Random Dancing") and "Messin' with Rupert" ("Messin' with Lewbert").


  • Totally Teri is from the title Totally Zoey, which was the working title for Zoey 101, but Dan Schneider changed it as he thought it was too cheesy.
  • The name may also be a reference to Totally Kyle from The Amanda Show.
  • In this episode (iTake on Dingo), Sam gets a butter sock, and threatens to swing it to any of the writers who lie. Originally, Dan wanted the sock filled with quarters, but Nickelodeon thought it would be too violent so it was changed.
  • Totally Teri is, in the context of the episode, a bad rip-off of iCarly.
  • iCarly possibly made fun of Hannah Montana with this quote, "I'll wear a wig then he'll never know its me."



  • "That's a brilliant idea! And by brilliant, I mean ridiculous!"

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